"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Monday, July 11, 2011

Bath Time!

Hey! I actually did a little sewing today - YEAH! First time since the baby was born on the first. Sounds great doesn't it? Yeah. That's until I tell you that I had about two minutes, and all I did was re-attach a belt loop to my husband's pants. Oh well. It's still sewing, right? Hmm. Maybe I'll eventually get in enough of a routine that I will be able to get to more "fun" sewing. I still need to make a diaper bag. Thankfully I got a very nice, free backpack diaper bag when I left the hospital. Gotta love those freebies!

First let me say how good our two year old has been about the new baby. He absolutely adores him and will do anything for him. He's always the first to run to him when he cries and tell him, "It's okay." Usually he will then point a finger and firmly say "Shh," and then go on his merry way - as if that is all it takes to fix the problem. He loves to help with the pacifier too (mostly because we use Soothies and he can stick his finger into them and feel the baby suck.)

But even with all that love, there is still the "need" to ham it up and do things that will make him get his picture taken. This, for example, is his "thumbs up" pose. He kept trying to do it with his thumb, but he tucks his thumb under his fingers, so this was his best effort ;) Guess it worked. He got his picture taken, and he made it onto the blog - ha. Score one for the two year old.

I just love the look of a snuggling baby. This is where he sleeps most of the time. He doesn't like his bassinet. He will either sleep on my lap or in bed with me, but not more than 15 minutes at a time in the bassinet. We're working on that, but not making any progress. I don't mind so much ;) Anyway, it is easy to imagine how he must have curled up in the womb when you see him like this.

Friday was the big day for his first real bath - he was a week old. The cord came off the day before, so we were able to do a bath fully in water. He wasn't sure what to think of it that first time, but now he just lays peacefully in the water and LOVES it. He would stay there all day if we would let him. Or at least it seems like he would.

Remember the two year old is terrified of baths? This has actually improved lately and he is getting better about it. He was pretty concerned about the baby having to take one though. He watched him very carefully.

Everybody had to watch. They all wanted to be in on the action.

He was a good sport about the whole thing, and even seemed to enjoy getting his hair brushed. (He didn't really care for the lotion though.)

Here he is all cleaned up and dressed in a sleeper, ready for bed.

So I mentioned the two year old is doing better about taking a bath. We actually just started giving them more frequently, and only putting in a couple inches of water. His sister said something about him needing a "b-a-t-h" the other day and he understood what she spelled, and said, "I'm gonna play in the bath" in a real sweet, high pitched voice, followed by, "NO". It was too funny. I guess we won't bother spelling it anymore.

By the way, do you see the way he is in the bath? Just squatting, not sitting. That's all he would do for a long time. Now he actually sits, and seems to enjoy the baths. We add an inch or two of water each time we give a bath, so slowly the bath is getting deeper.

And not a moment too soon. Aah, boys and mud. Do you see his arms and face, COVERED in mud? He was playing outside in the sprinkler and decided to dig a hole. Aah. Mud. 'Nuff said.

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