"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Trio of Goofy Boys

I love my life!  Look at these little goofballs!  This is what you get when you turn the camera on your phone so that the boys can see themselves. :)

 This is what you get when your nine year old plays with his erector set. HA. Not exactly what they included the tires for...

Almost a monacle...

And this is what you get when your 2 year old drinks a bunch of Blueberry Pomegranate Gatorade.

We're headed to Bugga's to watch the Rams and 49ers.  We don't really care for either team, but we need to hang out awhile so Dad can get some sleep, since he went to work at 6:30 last night and didn't get home until after noon today.  We're going to have dinner at the local pizza buffet - which the four year old calls the "blue pizza house" (it's a log cabin with a blue metal roof).  Then we'll go watch the game.  The nine year old said he would wear his practice jersey so he could cheer for the 49ers. The four year old heard that and came dressed for the party :)

Frankfurter Cheese Sandwiches

Back when I was a kid, I did a section on cooking in 4H and the recipe for "Frankfurter Cheese Sandwiches" was in the 4H kids' cooking book.  I've used it ever since, and now it's one of my boys' favorite meals.  It's pretty much the only way I eat hot dogs (other than a grilled recipe where you split the dog lengthways, shove in a wedge of cheese, and wrap in bacon.  It's a real healthy recipe.)

Well, living between two houses has its drawbacks.  Thankfully we're almost done with that!  Turns out all the butter I have is at the old house, but I was making dinner at the new house.  So ... I used mayonnaise.

These ended up being the prettiest, most evenly cooked sandwiches I've ever made.  I think I'll use mayo from now on.  I also always cook in a cast iron skillet.  I'll never go back to cheap teflon again. (Pardon the styrofoam plate. We're still moving in, and we were just doing a quick dinner with me and the boys.)


 It is hard to get a picture of it snowing, so you'll just have to trust me that it was really coming down hard for awhile.  Then it turned to rain and I missed getting a picture before it did.  Anyway, we got our first real snow in town yesterday.

It was cold and wet all day and still is today. It is snowing off and on today too, but melting right away.

 Our nine year old was supposed to have a football game last evening, but thankfully it was postponed.  I wasn't really looking forward to sitting out in the rain/snow.

 The peaks were sure pretty last night.  Couldn't see them this morning. We left before it was light.

It was snowing this morning too... big fluffy white flakes.

Sounds like we're expecting rain/snow through tomorrow, then warmer weather over the weekend.  Several of the mountain passes are closed this morning. 'Tis the season...

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Awesome Sunrise

 Isn't it amazing how much the colors of a sunrise can change over just a few minutes?  These pictures were all taken within 15 minutes of each other.

My morning actually got off to a rough start.  I was up early and showered and headed to town alone - my husband has the day off and so I thought I would head to town early and get some work done while I had some quiet time to myself.  We're coming up on the end of the month quickly and I need to finish moving and cleaning the old house.

I left the big Excursion for my husband to drive since all the car seats are in it.  I took his car.  All a great plan ... except that the keys to the old house (and the garage door opener) were all in the Excursion... which I didn't realize until I pulled into the driveway :(

So I had to go back out to the new house (5 miles) to get the key.  So I ended up with only a few minutes of time to work on the house before the daycare kids started coming.  On the bright side, I wouldn't have seen this awesome sunrise if I hadn't had to go back out to the new house.  So I guess it was worth it after all :)

Puzzle Time

 The four year old is starting to get used to our crazy life this month.  He was really unsettled by the move to the new place, especially since we have had to come back to the old house every day for daycare.  My kids weren't used to getting up so early and have been really off schedule.

On top of that, he started preschool this month.  He goes to a specialized preschool where all his therapists are to help with his autism.  We've been trying to help him adjust and work on some of the things they work on with him too.  Puzzles are a big part of his therapy sessions - both physical puzzles, and digital ones on an ipad.

Yesterday I helped him with a Spiderman puzzle (which ironically matched the Spiderman shirt).  When he came home from preschool, Spiderman on his shirt had sunglasses - a sticker someone had put on his shirt. I didn't get a picture of it, but it was really cute!

 Like I said, we've been really running ragged.  The two year old is SO off schedule.  He napped right after we got to town yesterday, and didn't wake up until after lunch, when it was time to drop off the four year old for preschool.  I didn't give him a nap in the afternoon because he had slept all morning.  Then he fell asleep on the way home and stayed that way most of the evening, only waking long enough to eat a little dinner, then heading right to bed.  Thankfully we are down to three more days of this and then we can settle in to a more normal routine.

 We're expecting snow.  We got home last night and the wind started blowing a storm in.  I don't know what the wind speed was, but it was pretty bad.  Thankfully we only have two small windows on the side of the house that the wind blows from.

I loved the shadows in this picture. The field was a bright gold color.  The shadow in the middle is our house and the one to the right is a barn.  The shadows make it look like we have houses right next to others, but that's not the case.

It was already starting to put down some snow in the mountains last night.  We're supposed to get hit today... and we have another football game tonight.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Autumn is in Full Swing Here

 Well, it's my favorite time of year. I'm a sucker for beautiful leaves and crisp cool air.

 The nine year old did a little (very little) raking Friday and had enough of a pile to keep all the kids entertained for nearly an hour.

So much fun!

We have snow in the mountains, and more each day.  The clouds and sunshine made such a pretty pattern on the mountains yesterday.

 This morning when I came in to town for the last week of daycare (woohoo!) it was a bit nippy.  At the house it didn't feel cool at all (inside - lol) and I mistakenly dressed the four year old in shorts.  The nine year old saw me do that and wore them too - and now they're both cold. I did manage to find a pair of jeans for the four year old before he had to go to preschool.  They play outside every day, rain or shine.  The nine year old has football practice this afternoon and I bet he didn't bring a long-sleeved shirt to go under his uniform.  He wore one for the game Saturday and wished he hadn't because he was too warm once they got going.  I'm betting he is going to wish he had one today!

 The trees across the street from our old house are so pretty! Ours are pretty bare looking already.

At any rate, it's time for some nice warm comfort food.  I *had* to make steak last night ... no, really ... because one of the kids turned the temperature on the refrigerator at the old house completely off.  So everything in the fridge had to be thrown out, and my freezer stuff was mostly defrosted.  I felt pretty safe with the steak because it was still icy, but thawing.  So you see, we had to have steak for dinner - ha.  Anyway, I roasted up some little potatoes I had bought at the farmer's market last week, along with a little bacon and some onions.  It sure hit the spot!  Now that I'm talking about "crisp" air, I will have to make an apple crisp... or the apple cake with caramel sauce my mom used to make... yum.

All this talk of dessert reminds me.  I was trying to explain to my nine year old what a Twinkie is (yeah - he didn't know!).  After I described it he said, "Oh, so it's like strawberry shortcake without the strawberries" - and it was like *lightbulb* - What a great idea!!!  Now all I have to do is find some strawberries in September...


Saturday morning we had a small earthquake.  It was centered on the other side of the mountain range - but not far as the crow flies.  It was only a 4.9 but we felt it ... or at least I did.  It was between 7:15-7:20 am Saturday.  I was in the upstairs bathroom, which has an angled roof and I heard a loud pop and the room shook.  I think I noticed it because the room is pretty small and enclosed with the low ceiling.

I didn't immediately think "earthquake" though because we have just moved into the new house, and they previously had some issues with the foundation.  The previous renters had to move out so repairs could be done.  (The original problems were caused by a former renter who fell asleep while smoking).  Worried that we were having issues with the foundation and would have to move, all I could think was "NO! I don't want to have to move all this stuff again!"  HA.

When I got to town where I had internet service, I learned that it really had been an earthquake.  Someone posted this graphic on Facebook, and it pretty much sums up the damage.  I thought it was cute.

An Overtime Football Game, and NFL Punt Pass and Kick Competition

 Saturday morning we had another football game.  Our son's white team played the orange team. It was an exciting game.

We were a bit worried when on the opening play, the orange team ran in for a touchdown.  But on the next play, our team did the same.  It was quite a high-scoring game.

It was also the first game my husband was able to make it to.  We had quite the cheering section. Papa and Bugga were there too, and our two younger boys.  Grandpa headed out to see my little niece the day before.  We had a great visit while he was here and he was a huge help in the move.  The boys all miss him now, and the four year old is convinced he is in the bathroom ... or sleeping downstairs... or at the other house ;)

Anyway, the game went into overtime and the other team got the ball first.  Our line held them though, and then when it was their turn they managed to score.  They were very excited.

We ran out for a quick lunch then back to the field for the NFL Punt Pass and Kick competition.

 I don't think he won any of the categories because it's just his first year in football, but he did remarkably well considering we didn't practice for it or anything.  We are supposed to find out results later.

**Edited: Found out today he was 5th out of 12 competitors, so not too bad.  Passing killed him.  He was 3rd in kicking and punting!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Random Life Events

 Tired of moon pictures yet?  Ha.  The moon was even bigger last night.  So huge!  I love a good Fall moon :)

Things continue to be crazy busy around here.  Only one more week of daycare and just until the end of the month to get the rest of the little stuff moved and everything cleaned up.  Then begins my long-hoped-for life as JUST a wife and homeschooling Mama again - Woohoo! Counting the days!

Meanwhile we're all exhausted.  Getting up early to head to town for daycare is catching up with us all - especially when we also have preschool for the 4 year old, football and swimming for the nine year old, and staying up late to put things away or visit with Grandpa who has been a huge help to us with this move.  He headed out this morning to see my niece before heading home.  It's been a great visit.

Last night we squeezed in the last of the moving with his truck, and brought out the toy cabinet, stuffed animal zoo, and kids' book shelf.

So the boys now have toys in the play room.  This area is a sunken room off the living room that we're pretty sure used to be an enclosed porch.  Lets hope it was well insulated :/  Someone painted a fun mural and put up a chalkboard, so they must have used it as a play room too.  It's perfect for us, and I'm enforcing a strict "no toys in any other part of the house" rule. You know me... mean old Mom.

 I'm not sure where the bookshelf will end up yet - somewhere we can easily sit and read (meaning probably near a rocking chair) but I have to think about it.  For now it will be in the play room.

 My daughter let us know that she would be singing in chapel this morning at her Bible college.  That's at 9 am Eastern time, which is 7 am here.  We don't have internet at the new place yet so I had to rouse the troops early to get to town in time to see her.  (She is in the front row - dark hair, red shirt, standing next to the girl in black and directly behind the professor seated on the front row. Don't feel bad if you didn't spot her. I didn't either until I asked her where she had been standing.)

I just loaded them up in their pj's.  The boys watched and tried to find her in the crowd.  The two year old hummed the whole way through the song. :)  He does that all the time. He's very musical and holds a tune very well.
We do finally feel like we're starting to get settled in.  I still need to get a few things put away, but for the most part I'm unpacked.  Sure would be nice if the kitchen were a little more "finished."  Unfortunately, this kitchen is considerably smaller than my last one, and I'm having issues finding a place for everything so that I can put everything in it's place.  A lot of what I've already done will have to be re-done.  But one thing at a time.  I've got to finish cleaning out the old place first.