"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Friday, September 20, 2013

Random Life Events

 Tired of moon pictures yet?  Ha.  The moon was even bigger last night.  So huge!  I love a good Fall moon :)

Things continue to be crazy busy around here.  Only one more week of daycare and just until the end of the month to get the rest of the little stuff moved and everything cleaned up.  Then begins my long-hoped-for life as JUST a wife and homeschooling Mama again - Woohoo! Counting the days!

Meanwhile we're all exhausted.  Getting up early to head to town for daycare is catching up with us all - especially when we also have preschool for the 4 year old, football and swimming for the nine year old, and staying up late to put things away or visit with Grandpa who has been a huge help to us with this move.  He headed out this morning to see my niece before heading home.  It's been a great visit.

Last night we squeezed in the last of the moving with his truck, and brought out the toy cabinet, stuffed animal zoo, and kids' book shelf.

So the boys now have toys in the play room.  This area is a sunken room off the living room that we're pretty sure used to be an enclosed porch.  Lets hope it was well insulated :/  Someone painted a fun mural and put up a chalkboard, so they must have used it as a play room too.  It's perfect for us, and I'm enforcing a strict "no toys in any other part of the house" rule. You know me... mean old Mom.

 I'm not sure where the bookshelf will end up yet - somewhere we can easily sit and read (meaning probably near a rocking chair) but I have to think about it.  For now it will be in the play room.

 My daughter let us know that she would be singing in chapel this morning at her Bible college.  That's at 9 am Eastern time, which is 7 am here.  We don't have internet at the new place yet so I had to rouse the troops early to get to town in time to see her.  (She is in the front row - dark hair, red shirt, standing next to the girl in black and directly behind the professor seated on the front row. Don't feel bad if you didn't spot her. I didn't either until I asked her where she had been standing.)

I just loaded them up in their pj's.  The boys watched and tried to find her in the crowd.  The two year old hummed the whole way through the song. :)  He does that all the time. He's very musical and holds a tune very well.
We do finally feel like we're starting to get settled in.  I still need to get a few things put away, but for the most part I'm unpacked.  Sure would be nice if the kitchen were a little more "finished."  Unfortunately, this kitchen is considerably smaller than my last one, and I'm having issues finding a place for everything so that I can put everything in it's place.  A lot of what I've already done will have to be re-done.  But one thing at a time.  I've got to finish cleaning out the old place first.