"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sweet Little Cousins :)

I've been in Colorado this week. My oldest son needed help moving to Cheyenne, Wyoming, so I took the opportunity to run down to visit my mom, and my sister and her husband and new baby.

I ended up staying a full week. The little cousins (who are just a month apart - he was born July 1 and she came on July 31) were so much more responsive and fun this time around.

There is still a pretty good difference in size, but they're getting closer. Most of that I think is due to how sick ours has been with pneumonia and feeding issues related to that. His little cousin has done a lot of growing, but she's just now the length he was when he was born, and she still doesn't weigh as much as he did at birth. That's amazing to me. She is 2 1/2 months old! There's a pretty big difference in the size of their feet, but this isn't a great picture of that. (The seven year old took the picture).

We were trying to get a good picture of the two of them together, but they were more interested in watching tv. Love the hand holding ;)

This picture reminds me of that famous portrait of the old farm couple, where they are standing there very solemn with a pitchfork. It's called American Gothic which you can see by clicking on that title. Anyway, I think they kind of resemble that couple (although that couple was actually a father/daughter, not husband/wife ... or cousins as the case is here).

They were being pretty sweet here. Problem was, ours (the boy) is getting really good at grabbing toys, and using his hands as weapons (see his scratched up head? It's not that we don't clip his fingernails. He just scratches so roughly that he does damage. And he has very dry skin and possibly eczema, so he wants to scratch it. He did all that scratching while riding in the car, and when we got home, his poor little head was covered in blood. Scared me to death. I've been putting socks on his hands in the car since then.) So while this picture looks sweet - and they were pretty sweet for awhile - he kept trying to hit her or grab at her. He was just playin' though. He gave her lots of smiles too.

Most of our pictures look like this - arms flailing, lots of movement, etc. They almost look like they were dancing or doing choreographed moves or something. It was a fun photo shoot :)

So about the oldest. He just recently switched from the Air Force Reserve to the active duty Air Force, and was supposed to report to Warren AFB in Cheyenne. The only problem was that nobody told them he would be reporting there, so when he arrived, they weren't expecting him, and didn't have a position for him. So he had to wait over the weekend to see where he was supposed to be, and found out he will now be going to Travis AFB in California - probably this week, but we're not sure. He will do that move on his own. He bought a nice new (used) car in Colorado, which I am envious of :P and I somehow forgot to get a picture of it. It's a beautiful Mercury Milan. Anyway, he's still waiting to hear when he's supposed to go. He wanted somewhere warmer, so that will definitely be warmer. My sister and I took the kids and went up to have lunch with him in Cheyenne on Monday and it was snowing there. Brrr. Of course it's cold here at home now too, but you'd expect that since we're over 7,200 feet elevation. Winter is coming fast!