"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Few Of My Favorite Things

 Wanna see a few of my favorite things?

 Here you go - Thing 1 and Thing 2.  Thank you Dr. Seuss.  The seven year old loves that they both have "Thing" shirts and insisted on having a picture taken with them both dressed in them.  But he wouldn't quit making goofy faces.

 Here you can see the shirts a little better.  Of course in reality the seven year old is "Thing 3" and the baby is "Thing 5."  I guess Dr. Seuss came up a little short in his numbering...

 And then there's this thing.  He insisted on having his picture taken too.  See the mixer shirt?  He loves all things that have to do with mixers, since Daddy drives one.  You should have seen how excited he was (he and all of the daycare kids) the day Daddy forgot his sunglasses and came by in the mixer to pick them up.  He never does that, so this was the only time they've seen the mixer.  I had two and three year olds jumping up and down all over the place by the time he left :)

Now here's an unconventional way to take a bath, right?  He's my little water baby :)

The three year old has figured out how to get all the daycare kids to be his little servants.  He sits in a big plastic toy tub with his blankie, and has all of them bring toys and push him around.  One day this past week he spent most of the entire day in the bucket.  But at least they were all having a good time.

The baby has been especially cheerful lately.  His complexion is much better, but he still seems really itchy.  So I'm wondering if there's still something else he is allergic to that we don't know about. 

He's a lot of fun anymore.  He waves to us, "talks" to us and winks - or makes blinky eyes at us.  He's such a little flirt.

 And he loves playing with his toys now too... especially the stuffed animals.

Oh, and he has been "hanging out" with me a lot lately.  He's at that age where if he can see me he thinks I ought to be holding him.  Makes it difficult to get anything done, or take care of the daycare.  So I remembered this sling I picked up at a yard sale last summer.  I know this isn't the conventional way to use it, but he likes being able to sit up and it holds him securely so.  I have my hands free to work on whatever I need to get done, so we're both happy.

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