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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Quilt is at the Quilter's!

 Saturday I finally had a chance to finish my Kaleidoscope quilt top.  This is the finished top.  I added borders to it Monday and dropped it off to be quilted.  After it's quilted, the borders will come off.  My daughter liked it better without any. 

It's so hard to get a good picture of these colors.  They seem muddy in the photo, but they're really vibrant in person.  And it doesn't all blend together like it seems to in the photos.  Maybe once it's finished I'll take it outside for some pictures.  That might help.

 When I dropped off the quilt at the quilt shop, I saw this one on the wall.  They sell kits for a bed runner or queen size, but it's just half square triangles.  I know I could put this together without a problem.  I really like how graphic it is.  I love half square triangle quilts - there are so many variations to play with.  I think I'll tackle one of these for my next project.  I've been thinking of making the three year old a zigzag version as he'll be moving up to a bigger bed soon.  We'll see.

 I also saw this book that I thought looked interesting.  It was displayed right below the quilt I took a picture of.  I'm going to have to go back and thumb through that one.  It looks interesting, and I really liked the square within a square pattern on the front - especially the way they did the shams too.  I don't think I would do it as a runner, but maybe as a whole quilt ... in the same colors they have shown.  What a fun kids' quilt that would be!

 Anyway, while I was finishing the quilt, my husband took his boys out fishing on the boat.  I joined them at 6, when it had cooled down some.

 It was actually very nice weather because the smoke was providing a lot of shade.  See the sun in the top right?  The smoke was high enough that we didn't even smell it, but thick enough to provide good shade until nearly sunset.

 The moon was out at the same time, so it was a neat thing.  My eight year old took this picture.  I had to laugh when I saw it.  I had told him to get the moon, as well as the lake and trees.  He said it wouldn't fit.  So this was his solution to that.  Creative at least :)

 The sunset was gorgeous, and the lake was perfectly calm.

 Now could someone please explain to me how a three year old can get his face this dirty on a boat?  Must have had something to do with all the chips and juice he had...

 When I went through the papers that we had piled up from the week I was gone, I found this picture of the kids' fishing day.

 Our three year old made the paper :)

His dad did too.  He's standing in the background on the top right side of the photo.

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