"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I Love Our Thrift Store

 How cute is this little cowboy?  We got his whole outfit at the local thrift store for 50 cents total (shirt and pants).

The shirt is a Wrangler denim western shirt - too cute!

He wore it to church Sunday.  I tried to get a good picture on my phone to text to his sister, but he was being goofy.

 Yesterday my youngest two were watching it snow - heavily.  I intended to get a picture of it, but didn't do it right away.  I was waiting for it to quit so you could see how much snow we got - maybe 3-4 inches all at once, heavy and wet.  Then next thing I knew, the sun came out and it all melted.  The boys were standing on the stack of daycare cots.  Not what I intended them to be used for, but they sure like being able to see out the window.

Here's another miscellaneous picture.  Our nine year old earned a blue ribbon in the Air Rifle County Shoot for 4H last week.  I already posted about that, but our local website had a story and picture about it so I thought I'd add that to the blog.  He is the second from the left - in the front row holding his targets down to his side.