"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Happy 6th

We are now the proud parents of a new six year old.  He was quite excited to celebrate his birthday.  (And now that it's over, he's already telling us what he wants for his next birthday. HA)

 He really doesn't like sweets or desserts, so birthday planning is a little difficult.  But he does happen to love chocolate glazed donuts.  So he got to start his day off with a big one of those.

 We put the candle on the donut and sang to him at the breakfast table.

 He had to wait until evening to open his presents.

 He loved the minion hat and gloves we got him.

 He had to pull it all the way down so we could see what he would look like as a minion. :)

 This summer I saw that Kohl's was having their Little Critter and Little Sister stuffed animals and books on their Kohl's Cares program.  We live hundreds of miles away from the nearest Kohl's (not exaggerating) so I had my sister pick them up for me and we saved them until his birthday came around.  This kid loves to read and he loves stuffed animals, so it was a big hit.  It was kind of funny though, when Grandpa called and he told him he got a little sister for his birthday.  I had a lot of explaining to do - ha.

 His ten year old brother got him a toy car.

 He was doing pretty well with the unwrapping until he decided he needed to wear the gloves that came with his minion hat.  It was pretty comical, and it really slowed down the process.

 He had to show the Little Critter doll the book about him.

 Grammy sent him a horse that looked like his Sadie horse he gets to ride in therapeutic horseback riding lessons.  It has been a real hit.  The three year old is really into toy horses and especially likes to play with Sadie too (mostly when his brother is at school - ha).

 Grammy also sent a game called Jumping Jack.  It is really a cute game.  You spin to see how many carrots you have to pull from the garden, and if you pull the wrong one, the "Jack" rabbit pops up into the air.  If you catch him before he hits the ground, you win the game. If you miss, whichever player has the most carrots wins.  The boys think it's hysterical when the bunny pops off the top.

 Since he's not into cake, we got him ice cream and cookies.  He's not really into cookies either, and ended up picking all the m&m's off the cookies and leaving them behind - only eating the cookie part (which is the exact opposite of what most kids do.)

 He likes "Rocky Road" ice cream - and any chocolate ice cream with stuff in it is called Rocky Road.  He doesn't like soft serve chocolate ice cream, and he doesn't like vanilla or any other kind than "Rocky Road."

I think he had a pretty fun birthday.  Messy, but fun.  :)

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