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Monday, August 13, 2012

Full Course Meal in One Crock Pot

 I saw this idea on pinterest and had to give it a try - same concept, but my own recipes.  In my large crock pot, I put pork ribs and coffee in the bottom.

I cut up some red potatoes and tossed them in olive oil and seasoned salt and wrapped them in foil.  I should have used much more seasoning than I did, but they were good... or so I'm told.  They're not an approved item on my diet ;)

 I put the foil wrapped potatoes on top of the meat.

 Next I added four ears of corn, wrapped in foil.  I could have skipped the foil on those.

 On top of that, I added my lean pork loin for my portion (the other meat is too fatty for my diet).

 I tossed some whole mushrooms on top of everything for my veggie portion (can't have corn or potatoes).

Everything was covered with the lid and it all cooked in about 3 hours.  It was delicious.  And bonus - only one pot to wash.  :)  So if you have seen this on Pinterest and wondered if it works, now you know ;)

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