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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The New Organizational Plan is a Keeper :)

 Well I meant to write about this Sunday night, but it wasn't on the list, so it didn't get done. lol.  The first week on the new plan was a smashing success.  See all those colored items?  That's everything I finished by Sunday night.  (We'll get to those blank ones in a minute).

 This is the back side.  All those uncolored sections on the bottom left weren't even mean for this week, so ignore those. (And the rest of the things on this side that weren't done all required money.  One of the daycare moms had to wait until this Monday to pay, so I wasn't able to make those purchases last week.)  So I think I did pretty well.  I learned a lot too.  I learned that cleaning and sewing were the last things left to do on my list - I put them off till the end, but for totally different reasons.  The cleaning was put off because I hate cleaning.  So my goal this week is to do as much early in the week as possible.  A couple things will have to wait, but for the most part, these are extra projects, not regular daily cleaning tasks.  As for the sewing, the reason it kept getting put off is that the sewing machine, (and a couple other things) has to be moved before I can sew.  That, and the fact that I can't sew when kids are awake.  Too much help - ha. 

 I thought of a lot of cleaning and sewing projects I needed to do this coming week.  The more things I get cleaned, the more I notice things like how dirty the walls are and such, so that accounts for a lot of the cleaning list.  The sewing projects list grew when I was organizing all the sewing stuff over by the machine and found a pile of things waiting to be altered or repaired.

 Of course the list is almost filling the pages already now.  This picture was taken Sunday night, before the week had a chance to add all that extra stuff that it always seems to find for me to do :)

 The list did help me incredibly though - especially to make some progress in the sewing department.  These hexagons are all attached now.  I'm making sets that look like this with some turquoise that is much darker and some blues that are more of a light blue.  Once I get a bunch of those sections done, I will attach them to each other, and we'll just watch this (eventually) king-sized quilt grow, one one-inch hexagon at a time :)  At least I'm making progress, right?  This was all hand sewing ... which shows you why I got it done.  I worked on this while the daycare kids were napping, when I was also listening to my 3rd grade homeschooler read aloud to me from his school books.  Multitasking :)

 Speaking of multitasking, I did a lot of that while I was trying to do the cleaning on my list.  One minute, I looked over to find the baby here....

 The next minute I went looking for him and found him in my bedroom, helping me go through my sewing stuff....

Oh, and when I came back into the kitchen, I found the three year old had moved in with all his accessories and was taking up residence on the floor ... as in the *whole* floor.  Such fun....

Anyway, I'm really happy with this new list system.  It is very gratifying to get to color in the sections (yep. I love coloring.  That's why I homeschool and run a daycare lol.)  Regardless, I'm getting a lot more done because of it.

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