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Friday, May 17, 2013

A Mixed Up Catch-Up Post

Okay, so it's been an incredibly crazy month.  My husband lost his job on the 10th of April, which sent us into a frenzy.  The biggest problem with the loss was that our housing was tied to his job.  The house I do daycare out of.  Not an easy thing to replace.  Along with all the packing and moving to do, we also had the insurmountable task of finding a place that would be suitable for daycare, in the right zoning district, with enough square footage for licensing, and able to pass three separate inspections - the most difficult of which is fire.  On top of that, we had to convince a landlord to allow us to have a daycare, and then get everything moved and set up and inspected three times so we could have the place licensed and be able to get moved into it.  Oh, and did I mention that the former employer so generously gave us 30 whole days in which to accomplish this?  Can you say STRESS?

Well, we're all moved in and settled now, but it really shook me.  I realized that I haven't even been taking many pictures since the whole thing started.  Now that things are settling down, I want to do some catching up, so here are some very random things I had intended to post about.  The next post will be about the house where we are now, which by the way I LOVE way more than where we were before.

 Okay, so back to the topic of allergic kids.  I'm always on the lookout for things my one year old can eat, and I've been shocked to see that tuna almost always contains soy.  Really?  Talk about sneaky.  I thought all this time that I was buying fish.  Anyway, he used to love tuna, so I always check the cans to see if there are any he can have.  I stumbled across this - Tongol.  I had never heard of it.  It's a kind of tuna, and it only contains fish ... no soy!!!  Bonus - when I found it, our local grocery store had it on sale for 50 cents a can!  Cheaper than I can usually find regular old tuna :)

 The one year old really enjoyed all the packing boxes we have been using.  I'm still unpacking too, and all the kids love them.  This morning my four year old asked me to get him a box to hide in ;)  Oh and while I'm thinking about it, the four year old told me yesterday he was going to buy a zipper for his head ... lol. I may make a donation toward that - ha.

The one year old got his hands on an apple.  When I found him, the apple had several little crescent moon cuts in it from his teeth.  I put him in his chair and let him go at it.  He did this one day in the grocery store too.  Except that time he had the bag of apples and made applesauce of one of the apples.  I put it on the counter to pay for it and the lady thought I had picked up a bag of bad apples and suggested I get a different one.  I explained what had happened, payed for that bag, and went home to rinse off all the other apples - lol.

On the 22nd of April we had a pretty good snowstorm. It came down first in little pea sized snowballs.  The daycare kids kept saying, "They're throwing snowballs at us!" Not sure who "they" are, but the kids were pretty concerned about it for awhile.

 It snowed several times that week.  We had pretty good accumulation from it, and now it has been raining the last three days, which is pretty unusual here.

Love this picture with the icicles.
 Bird tracks.

My nine year old called this a "polar ice cap." :)

See the red ink someone colored on the end of this pencil?  The four year old saw this and thought we ought to get a band-aid for the pencil.

 One of the daycare kids has a horse purse, but the day she brought it, my one year old played with it all day.  Might have to get him one.

 My reading came to a screeching halt when my husband lost his job.  I only made it through five books.  In fact, I'm just now getting started reading again, and we're halfway through May.  I made the mistake of mentioning in my evening book club last month that I just wanted to take a day to escape from all the stress.  I wished that I could take an entire day to do nothing but read and not feel guilty about all the things I should be doing instead.  Well, be careful what you say you want. Ha.  I made that comment on a Thursday night, and became very ill Saturday morning.  Surprisingly I was able to read even though I felt extremely ill.  It was a two-day illness too, so I was able to finish Stones from the River and read The Samurai's Garden in it's entirety in those two days.  It was a very needed break.  I could have done without feeling so sick, but then I probably wouldn't have taken the time to read otherwise.  I would give you my reading stats, but at the moment I can't find my reading journal ... or the book I wanted to read next. :(  So I'll have to update that later.

 It has been such an exhausting month (both mentally and physically),  I found the four year old crashed on the floor one morning, looking like this.  I love all the ways he sleeps :)

I also found time to give all my guys a haircut.

The four year old did not take it well.  He had a complete melt-down, then went around covered by blankets ... three of them, I think.  He was as much upset by the bath after the fact, in which i had to wash the hair off of him.  It was impossible to get him to settle down, so I had to forcibly hold him down.  I'm sure he thought I was trying to drown him, but there just weren't any options.

He stayed that way for a very long time, only peeking out after at least half an hour.   He's told me since then when it's time for a bath that, "we're not gonna push me down in the water."  Poor guy.  I wish I could make it easier for him.  He has so many different areas that are huge stressors for him.

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