"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Monday, January 4, 2010

Flannel Pajama Pants

Since New Year's Day, I've been working on some new matching pajama pants for my little boys. (HA - I don't think my 19-year-old would be impressed with puppies and stick horses - not to mention matching his little brothers!) I had two pair done on New Year's Day, then picked up some more great flannel fabric on the 2nd for a steal. The picture above shows the boys in their puppy dog pj's. I wanted to include them in the picture below with the other three pairs, but not badly enough to wake the boys up after I finished the last two pair at 11 pm ;) So this will have to do. The puppy pants picture was taken first thing this morning, and it was impossible to get the baby to let go of his morning milk, so there you have it.

I made the soon-to-be-six year old's pants in a size 6, but I really think they're closer to a 7. That's fine with me. He grows fast and will be able to wear these a long time. For the baby's (who is nearly 14 months old) I made a pattern based on a pair of 18 month sleeper pants from Carter's. They fit closer to a baggy 12 month size, but that's all good too, since he still wears a lot of 6-9 month clothes. I think he's finally getting close to the 12 months size, so these are about perfect.

I had the green fabric with the fish on it in my stash - for at least a year or two. I picked it up at either Hancock's or Joann's on a really good sale - maybe $1/yd or something. The puppy fabric was bought about a year ago from Walmart when I was trying to figure out what to sew for a boy, whom I had been told was supposed to be a girl. (You ought to see my stash of cute little baby girl dresses! Oh well. If I don't have more kids, I will eventually have grandkids, and one of them is going to be the best dressed little girl you've ever met - ha!)

Anyway, I made up the pants with the fish and puppies on New Year's Day. Then our local quilt shop had a big sale on the 2nd, and the earlier you came in, the better the discount. 30% off if you were there between 7:30 and 9 am. I had been home alone with the boys since Wednesday, when my husband and daughter went to volunteer with a work group for the half-week at a Bible camp. Well, there was no way I was going to wake up these boys any earlier than necessary, so we arrived at the store at 8:50 am. They were giving an extra 5% off to anyone who shopped in their pajamas. Now, first of all, I don't own any real pajamas, and second, if I did, you would have to be offering 90% off to get me to go out in public wearing them!!! I'm sorry. I'm just not into the "wear your pajamas and slippers to the grocery store" look. Ugh! Don't get me started. Anyway, I did bring the boys in their pajamas, and they gave me the discount - YIPPEE - and, I used the gift certificate I won from entering their contests to pay for it, so it didn't cost me a dime - and I still have a lot of credit left on the certificate!!! I'm also really proud of the fact that I managed to eek out two pairs of pants from a yard and a half of fabric. Note to self: flannel is narrow!!! Anyway, I feel really productive this year and am looking forward to more creativity in 2010.

By the way, did you ever wonder why they bother to put that little label on flannel that says "not suitable for children's sleepwear" when it's quite obvious by the patterns that they intend you to use if for just that??? I mean really, what else - besides maybe a blanket - are you going to do with baby-themed flannel?

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