"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Birthday Number 2!

Our little cowboy is two. Where has the time gone?

Actually, this turned into a cowboy themed party without us even planning it that way. His dress shirt just happened to be a cowboy shirt, and for the first time he was able to wear his little boots. The boots used to be his Dad's first boots back when Dad was a little guy. Then there were the cookies. This child for some unknown reason doesn't like cake, usually won't eat ice cream and will spit candy out if you give it to him. He loves salty foods - chips, crackers and such, but he also loves cookies. So instead of a birthday cake, he got birthday cookies.

Our 17 year old daughter made the cookies and did all the decorating. We had sheriff stars, cowboy boots and hats, bears, little "T" cookies and one big one with his name on it.

This was my personal favorite in the decoration department. Cute boot! She did a great job.

There was a little confusion about what all the camera flashes were for, (his six year old brother was the camera man and took almost 100 pictures), but once he figured out there were toys inside the wrapping, he did pretty well. The biggest problem was that he tore off tiny little shards of paper at a time - sometimes about the size of a quarter. So the unwrapping took quite awhile.

But it was worth it. He loved everything. Papa and Bugga got him some little horses and a new blankie with moose on it.

He is very into tractors and "cycles" right now (motorcycles mostly). This book is about tractors and has a steering wheel so you are the driver.

See the tractor in the background? That was from Aunt Staci and Uncle Jason. It plays the chicken dance, which he is dancing to in this picture. This is probably his favorite or next to favorite gift.

We had to take a break for a little ice cream and a cookie. He used both his fingers and a spoon to sample the ice cream. He seemed to do pretty well with the orange cream sherbet, but didn't eat more than a bite of the peppermint ice cream. As for the cookie, he took a couple bites and licked some of the frosting off, but mostly just made a big mess. That's okay - maybe he'll be my healthy kid :)

Here we were trying to get a picture with him and all his loot. He's driving the motorcycle on the tractor steering wheel. His favorite place to drive it is on people - up your leg or arm or over your head. There is a rider in his right hand which is made to pose like x-games motorcycle guys. At one point he called him a cowboy and put him on one of the little horses. He's very creative.

Playing with horses here.

His 6 year old brother was trying to get everything set up for the group photo. He had a little too much "help."

The tricycle was the other toy that rivaled the tractor for the top spot. He's going to be quite the acrobat on it, I think. When he opened it, he squealed, "Trikle!"

Finally, a decent, orderly picture of the birthday boy and the loot. Happy Birthday, T!

I've got to say the past two years have been the funnest years I've ever had as a parent. He's so cheerful and goofy and snuggly and sweet. What a joy! We were surprised and thrilled to learn he was on his way to us and I truly believe he was a special gift from God. He is such a joy to us. I can't even begin to explain it. I will never question God's timing or wisdom when He decides to send a child to us. What an honor to be this little guy's Mama ...

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