"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Monday, November 29, 2010

Got the Pouring Done Today

The weather didn't cooperate enough for us to pour concrete Sunday, so we did it today instead.

It took 34 yards to do all we had formed up. My husband is driving the mixer, which our youngest called a "mincer." The man with the rake is our wonderful helper - a friend of my husband's from work.

I loaded up all of our kids and the daycare kids and we went for a field trip to watch the mixer pour concrete. These two are mine.

It took all afternoon, and they didn't finish until well after dark. They worked until around 7 to get it all finished and covered. But now it's done. I would have taken a picture but you wouldn't have been able to see anything in the dark :)

The next project will be to remove the forms and back fill the empty spaces with dirt so our mover can drive straight onto the pad. There will be a little more work to do with the track hoe, leveling the ground entering and exiting the pull through for the mover. We should get all that done this week.