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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving From All Of Us Turkeys!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

This is a craft I learned ages ago back in elementary school. When I came home with my turkey, my little sister, who was too little to go to school - maybe about 3? - wanted to make one too, so Mom bought all the stuff and I got to "teach" them how to make the turkeys.

Since I've had my own family this has become an annual tradition for us to make to decorate the table.

It's really very simple - just a few gum drops, toothpicks, marshmallows and raisins, and one apple for each turkey.

The head is the trickiest part - you have to use a toothpick to drill a hole where the raisin goes or else the marshmallow just pushes it back out. We've used chocolate chips for the eyes in years past when we forgot to get raisins. There is half a red gumdrop rolled long for the gobbler.

The two year old was a whole lot more interested in eating the parts than in creating a turkey. I handed him a gum drop and showed him how to put it on. He put the first one on and I thought we were going to do well with it. The next one went straight into his mouth and from there on he was a sticky mess. This is the kids who doesn't even like candy. Must have been hungry...

He was being a little ham though, and kept leaning over and kissing my arm - which would have been great except for how sticky he was. Oh well. I love all my sweet, sticky little goodness!!

The six year old had a great time and was very ambitious with how many tail feathers he put on his turkey. He ended up with more feathers than anyone else.

We were nearly finished when my almost-18-year-old decided she wanted to make one too. She is making a lot of the food we're having for dinner, but she took the time to make a turkey. Hers is the one that has all the tail feathers exactly alike and balanced. She's a little obsessive about color order :)

So here they all are. My son's is on the left, mine (which was supposed to be the 2 year old's) is in the middle, and my daughter's is on the right. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

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