"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Happy Christmas for All

We had such a fun Christmas!

Candy canes and chocolate...

See the dog behind him? If all he had received was that dog, his fuzzy pillow and the rocking horse, he would have had all he wanted. We actually got the horse at a yard sale for FREE - with broken rubber bands. It cost me about $15 to buy new bands, and here we have the best gift ever for our little cowboy.

It was great to have all the kids home at the same time to share Christmas together. I suspect that will happen less and less often. We were especially grateful to have the 20 year old home.

Can you say CANDY? A whole stocking full. That seemed to be one of the themes of the year.

Unless you ask my husband, in which case he would say the theme was coffee and chocolate!

Here's the favorite fluffy pillow. I made this out of some super cuddly soft fleece I picked up at Walmart a year ago. I still have plans to make him some sleeper pants out of this material. He loves his sister's Grinch pants - which are the same fabric. He calls them "zuffy" - meaning soft and fluffy. The first time she wore them he snuggled up to them and then started pulling on them and saying, "Off! Off!" She told him that wasn't a good idea at the time ;)

Here he is putting his puppy down for a nap.

"Gimme five" among brothers who are 18 years apart. We weren't sure how the 2 year old would do, not having seen his big brother for 6 months, but they hit it off well and have been inseparable.

Here's my 6 year's favorite gift. It is a light table that has designs to make fancy cars with flames and all sorts of add-ons. He spent a lot of time creating very cool pictures. It was pricey, but well worth the money. In fact I think his dad and older brother and sister all designed cars too.

Here's our little cowboy. We had to keep pulling him off of the horse to get him to open another gift. He would have just stayed on the horse all day if we had allowed it.

Nap time. Can you spot the baby?

How about the not so little one? Here she is with her new blankie :) She'll love that. She just turned 18 last week.

We had a great Christmas and just enjoyed being together as a family. On Christmas Eve we were able to attend a candle light service at church and really enjoyed that focus. It is the true meaning of the season, after all. Hope you all had a great Christmas too.