"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Monday, December 13, 2010

A Tour of Ornaments

Ready for this? There's a lot to see, so I'll try to keep the explanations brief ... stop laughing.

This is a new one this year. I picked it up at Hallmark for next to nothing. I had a coupon for $5 off a $5 purchase. It embodies everything that is important to me about Christmas! Thank you, Lord!

Here's our family... for now. We ought to have two bigger children and two littler ones, but you can't have everything in a mass-produced ornament. Originally the green sign said 2007. I had to paint over it and write our youngest in that spot. If we have any more, I'll have to buy another ornament :) Something tells me it would be a challenge to find one with more bears on it!

I have a serious love of all things snowman - as you will see as you go through these pictures.

Here's our little display. I forgot to take an individual picture of it, but the little votive candle on the front right side of the picture is one of the things my 6 year old made at the library the other night. They had a big party after the Christmas parade.

This is a fun snowman. He is like one of those bobble head dolls - his whole body jiggles.

The bears at the front are part of my usual decor - I have a ton of bears too :) The friendship one was given to me by none other than a friend, and the little one is an ornament with my 6 year old's name on it. The snowmen with the tall hats were given to me by a dear family that means the world to me. I taught three of their eight children in my 2-3 year old Sunday school class, and one year they gave me these. We live on the other side of the US now, and I miss them.
The glass nativity set was given to me by a family with a couple of boys I used to babysit back in NC.

Even our windows are decorated - and the bathroom mirrors too, but I'll spare you those pictures.

Our display boxes get transformed from bears and moose to snowmen this time of year, complete with a blanket of snow. I've had the stuffed one for several years, but the box set was acquired last year.

The angel was a gift from a very obnoxious house guest. Maybe she felt bad for grilling my kids over being homeschooled. Who knows. Anyway, I liked the angel, so it stayed. The pinecones were decorated by my now 18 year old daughter (well, she'll be 18 in a few days) back when she was pretty little - maybe 9 or 10 years old. It makes a nice display, I think.

Here's the other display box of snowmen - and a polar bear to boot. The glass ball ornament was one that we picked up near San Antonio when we went to my son's Air Force boot camp graduation. There is a place within an hour of there - up on the northeast side of San Antonio (a different town, really) where they do glass blowing demonstrations. We were able to watch them make some light fixture globes in gorgeous colors and had to bring home a souvenier. I would have loved one of their bowls or vases, but they were WAY out of my price range - and I would have worried about them surviving my home, so we came home with a Christmas ornament instead. It is so much more beautiful in person.

As Jesus is the true reason for the season, and we are very grateful to Him for His immeasureable gift, we have several nativity scenes.

Now we're on to tree ornaments. This is one of my favorites - a brushed copper bucking horse. Can't tell you how much we LOVE Wyoming, and living in the west!

This is a dough ornament we bought while on our honeymoon in Jackson Hole. I'm surprised it's survived this long, but I'm glad it has. It's hard to tell in the picture, but the couple leaning out of the window are moose!

Our youngest little cowboy's ornament.

The 6 year old decided to make an ornament for our tree. Another nativity. See a theme here? He decided to do this all on his own and only showed it to us after it was done.

Now we're into some very old ornaments. These stained glass ornaments were from my childhood. They were given to me by a Sunday school teacher I had way back when...

Here's another one. There is another with wise men on it, but I missed getting a picture of that one. I love putting these in front of the lights on the tree. They're so pretty!

Here's the oldest ornament we have. I made in when I was 4 or 5 in Sunday school. It is the old style tinsel wrapped around an empty thread spool. I have another one that is gold, but I didn't take a picture of it.

This is an old Hallmark ornament that my mother gave one of my older kids. Unfortunately I can't remember which one, but it would have been sometime between 1990-1993.

This one is easy - my oldest son's first ornament from my mother.

We made a bunch of these melted snowmen for a craft fair one year. They're made out of hot glue, sticks with a cloth scarf and a foam hat. They used to have bead "buttons" down the front too. Well, that's it for now. Hope you enjoyed the tour.

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