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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Catching up...

It's been a busy week and I've neglected posting about all our excitement, so here's a quick glimpse at what we've been up to.

At my sewing machine... The patterened fabric at the top of this picture is the new challenge fabric for this month's contest at our local quilt shop. We were given fat eights of this fabric, with the only instructions being to make something Christmas related. I pulled the three solids from my stash, and have been working away on something super cute. I'm almost done with the project, and will try to reveal it today or tomorrow. I need to get it down to the shop right away, and I also want to use it as my entry in Sew Cal Gal's Christmas Quilt Show. I only need to sew the binding on and I'll be done.

We've played lots of family games, and had a lot of silliness around here. And did you notice, I cut all the guys' hair (well, except for the baby, who hardly has any.)

I love that we can enjoy our time together and not be distracted by television or electronics. The only electronics in this house are cell phones and two laptop computers - no video games, and we limit the time we're on the computer. We don't subscribe to television service, so there isn't the tendency to sit in front of the tv every night and vegetate. We do watch an occasional movie - always together, and only a couple times a month.

We had to take the seven year old to his doctor appointment in Idaho Falls Monday (we always go on Sunday and spend the night) so we did a lot of our Christmas shopping while we were there. One thing on my list that I didn't wait and wrap was a Bumbo for the baby. I don 't know if you've seen these or not, but they're the perfect little chair to help a little one sit up before they're really able to on their own. I picked up this one at a consignment shop (that's why I had to settle for this hideous purple color) and got the chair and tray for the same amount I would have paid for just the chair. It was more than I wanted to pay, but I definitely wanted one of these, so it was worth it.

I decided to give it to him right away because he needs it now, and because he isn't really going to care what he gets on Christmas anyway.

Thanksgiving day was spent at Bugga and Papa's, watching football and eating too much :)

It was a great, relaxing day.

We made a Butterfinger pie for the dinner. I found the recipe on Pinterest and had to give it a try. It is super easy - just a package of cream cheese, a container of coolwhip, and six Butterfinger candy bars, crushed and mixed together, then poured onto a graham cracker crust. The problem was that when we mixed the goop, it didn't taste very sweet. So we cured that by adding a can of sweetened condensed milk. Don't do that. If we had been patient, we would have figured out that the Butterfinger pieces melt into the goop and make it sweet. We ended up with disgustingly sweet pie. Nobody liked it very much. So if you make it, stick with the recipe - ha.

Over the break, the seven year old build a horse corral and stable. It was pretty intricate.

It even had hay :)

Remember how the three year old picked out new boots? Well, he wears them all. the. time. He even wears them over his footed sleepers - ha.

He was so excited to get the Cars 2 movie for his birthday. We watched it the night it arrived. When we watch movies, we play them on the laptop, connected to the big screen tv (which a neighbor gave us when he moved) with an HDMI cable. I guess he liked the closer view, because he stood and watched much of the movie on the computer instead of the tv. I thought it was pretty comical.

He talked to several people who wished him happy birthday. Do you like his "hands free" phone? Here he's talking to his oldest brother, who called to wish him happy birthday from his Air Force base in California.

So it's not that we haven't been doing anything. It's just that I've failed to blog about it. Today the plan is to finish the Christmas contest project that needs to be turned in, and to catch up on laundry. Oh, and of course to enjoy some more time with the kiddos. :)

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