"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Monday, December 5, 2011

Look what Santa (the Secret Swap one) brought me!

Okay, so this little guy was already here ... not part of the swap - ha.  He's all bundled up because it's been cold here. 7 below at the moment and it's only 9 pm. This morning was 14 below when I thought to check it after 9 am, so it was probably at least 10 degrees colder than that overnight.  The baby is 5 months old now.  I have 5 month pictures I need to post but will do that later.  For now I wanted to show you something that really warmed my heart...

 I have to tell you about a little (or not so little) box that came my way filled with all sorts of wonderful stuff :D

 There were 9 packages in this box, all for me!  This is my gift from the Secret Santa Swap.  I haven't had time to do my detective work yet, but I know the box came from California, so that will help :)

 My swap partner did an excellent job picking just the right things for me.

 Lots of pricey gems in this box.  I've had my eye on the Doodle Stitches book for quite some time.  I foresee lots of fun stitching in my future :)

 Then there's this wonderful fat quarter pack of French General fabric!  Holy cow - this is awesome!  I'm already dreaming of quilt patterns to use this on :)

 Then there were a bunch of smaller goodies, to add to the fun.  There is a little notebook, a cute Thanksgiving towel, caramels, Rolos, a vanilla candle and fingernail files...

 And look at this adorable bird!  Gotta be the cutest Christmas bird ever!

 And here he is with his friend Mr. Snowman.  These both will be great in my Christmas display ... which should go up this week ... hopefully.  So whoever my swap partner is, they nailed it! And wow! I never dreamed I would get so much really really good stuff.  This was certainly way over the recommended spending limit. Thank you! Thank you!  Now I have to get my rear end in gear and get my box shipped out.  Hopefully that will happen tomorrow.  I have until the 10th, but that's coming up fast.


  1. Oh your swap treasures are awesome! You received a wonderful assortment of delightful treasures. Lucky lucky you! Your baby is so sweet!

  2. Such wonderful things in your box! I like all of them, but that bird is just amazing.

  3. What a wonderful gift box. Your Secret Santa did an excellent job. However, the main star is the precious baby.

  4. What fun!! Your Secret Santa did a marvelous job!!! :)

  5. Ho Ho Ho... you did well from your Santa. I'm so excited waiting on mine to arrive! :)

  6. Wow!! What a great box. So many lovelies to enjoy this season. MErry Christmas!

  7. That should keep you busy for a while. Hmmmmmm...you're not my Secret Santa because you're in the wrong state. Just checking.

  8. Cute picture of your little guy! But your gifts are awesome! What fun you are going to have with them!


  9. WOW! I give your SS a A+. Love the bird! Mine got an A+ also.

    Cathy's Cupboard Calamity

  10. OH, what amazing gifts!! Love the birds, and the fabric..wow! Merry Christmas!

  11. Lucky Ducky! You received some very impressive gifts...My SS Santa was wonderfully generous also...and she is from Wyoming just like you. WINK! I loved, loved, loved all of my gifts that I received~seems like my SS knew me very well to have never met me! Merry Christmas, Tiffany