"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Saturday, June 7, 2014

My Newest Kitchen Buddy

 Lately the five year old has been very interested in helping in the kitchen.  This is pretty awesome for him because his autism makes him very sensitive to textures and things on his hands, and the more we can get him exposed to, the better.  And the major bonus here is that he hates to wash his hands, but knows he can't help in the kitchen unless he does.  So maybe we'll eventually get him over that dread since he wants to help cook :)  As it is now, he fusses about it, but then goes ahead and washes because he doesn't want to miss helping, so that's progress already.  Usually I have to drag him to the sink and hang on and wash him while he kicks and screams, so willingly washing is a HUGE improvement.

 Today he helped me make bologna and cheese sandwiches for Daddy's work lunches.

 He told me he was putting "cheese blankets" on the bologna. :)

 It was a beautiful day here.  We went to the library, then to a park, and then out for frozen yogurt this afternoon.  We were stuck at home this morning because the rental agency sent over a company to dry out everything that got wet in our little flood on Sunday.  They have the baseboards and several places on the carpet pulled up and about a dozen high-powered fans going down there.  I didn't think to take pictures before the kids were in bed.

 We did a lot of nature exploring today (the youngest two are checking out tiny spiders on our deck fence).  the ten year old also found a gopher skull, and put it in a jar to go along with his blackbird skull he found earlier this week.  We also discovered a mouse in one of our traps, but I nixed the idea of keeping that one... too fresh.

 After dinner we played dominoes.

The blue ones are for the little boys, so they feel included in the game.  I bought a cheap set at the dollar store and painted the backs with cheap blue fingernail polish awhile back to keep them separate from the main ones.

They have a lot of fun with them and don't bother ours that way :)

And here's a picture of the ten year old being a dork. :)

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