"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Saturday Fun and a Few Funnies

 It's been a really busy day.  We started the day with cookoff practice at the home of the third member of the team.  He was out of town all last week so he hadn't had a chance to practice yet.  They live way out on a dirt road in a very secluded area that is just beautiful.  I didn't get any pictures while we were there, but the kids had a good time and the practice went well.

Later in the day I took the boys to the town park.  There is a great series of walking paths along the creek there.  The water from snow melt in the mountains is running very high.

 We also took their bikes along.  We went to a different park yesterday but didn't bring the little boys' bikes - just the 10 year old's, and that caused a major problem with the five year old.  So today we brought the little bikes and not the big one.  We were in a big hurry to leave and didn't have time to make the big one fit.

 The poor five year old had to bring a trike because his bigger bike needs to have it's chain repaired.  Thankfully we have a shop in town that will know what I need to fix it (or I could give up my left lung and let them do the work - ha).

 There was a tiny little dog at the park that the two year old was just thrilled with.  He is my "terrified of all dogs" kid, so this was pretty amazing.  The dog is a "Morkie" - a cross between a Maltese and a Yorkie - both of which were teacups.  It's the tiniest little dog.  It's name is Grizzly :)

 One of my favorite things to do when I was a kid was to lay in the grass and look up through the trees and name the shapes of the clouds.  I skipped the laying down part for propriety sake, but the boys stretched out on the grass and the ten year old and I named the cloud shapes.  Then they all ran off to play and I read my book, sitting in the grass in the shade of the trees.

Then my little buddy came to keep me company, so we had to play with the camera on my phone :)

 We decided to take a hike to check out the water levels.

 And of course you can't be by the water without throwing rocks with this crew.

 The water is really high, and threatening to go over the walkway in more than one place.


 This bridge was the end of the trail for us.  The water here is really deep and covering the path just ahead.  I was a little concerned about walking out that far, but the water was still so I figured we were okay.

 Then we turned around and made our slow way back.

 Talk about tired.  This boy only napped for about an hour, and by bedtime he couldn't even sit up to color :)

 After dinner my husband, ten year old, and I, tried out a new game my sister sent us, called Smath.  It's like scrabble, but with equations rather than words.  It is WAY more challenging than I thought it would be ... and I like math.

The ten year old loved it.  He reasoned that he loves Scrabble and he knows more equations than words, so he ought to be able to do well at this.  And he did.

 My husband and I both thought that late at night was the wrong time to play this game.  Too much brain power required - ha.

But I'm thrilled that the ten year old loves it, and I'll play it whenever he wants :)  It's kind of like the five year old who refuses to eat sweets, but begs for more broccoli.  How could you possibly say no?  Speaking of veggies, we bought a bag of organic colored carrots the other day - orange, purple and white.  The ten year old begged for them, and he and the five year old are racing to see who can finish the most of them.  The ten year old was excited and told me it was his luckiest day shopping ever - because he talked me into those carrots, some red grapes (that were way too expensive) and a half gallon of chocolate milk.  Lol.

Oh, and speaking of funnies, the five year old commented to his sister that she had a spider on her chin.  She explained that it was just a mole. He contemplated that for a minute, then said, "But it has legs."  (hairs) HA!

Yesterday we were waiting to drive across main street and an old pickup drove past.  The five year old yelled, "That truck's like old blue!" That's what we all fondly call my father-in-law's old truck, which our daughter is driving over the summer.  But this truck wasn't blue.  So he yelled, "It's old red!"

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