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Monday, September 29, 2014

Organizing my Week, and Homeschool

 I've been trying to figure out how to better manage my time.  Things have been crazy busy, and I found that when I did have a little time, I wasn't focusing on the things I really needed to get done.  So I created this chart.  It has all the main things I want to accomplish each week.

The first and last columns have items that need to be done daily, or at least multiple times a week.  I wish I could get away with doing dishes once a week (a job I hate) but the people at my house think they need to eat multiple times per day, so I guess I'm out of luck.  Anyway, for those items, I listed letters for each of the days of the week so I can check them off daily.

I included health and wellness goals, hoping I would be encouraged to "fit them in."

Specific daily stuff goes on the back.

I used a similar chart for the ten year old.  The first column is his daily chore list, with a few weekly chores thrown into the bottom right corner.  The rest is his homeschool assignments for the entire week.  He has to do at least 8 items (not including daily stuff) but he can choose what he does.  He can also do more if he wants to, but 8 per day is the minimum.

 The circles at the top with the days of the week letters are for stickers - for the days he has a great attitude, works diligently without me having to harp on him, and is in a general good mood. (aka no whining, back-talking, etc).  If he gets all 7 in a week, I will take him out for frozen yogurt.  He's already negotiated this to include any ice cream treat, specifically to include fried ice cream at the Mexican restaurant.

His daily chores have letters for the days of the week like mine do.

And this is what that list looks like in book form.  These are all the materials he will need this week.  Now he won't be able to use the excuse that he couldn't find the book - lol.  These all go in a crate and stay together.

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