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Monday, August 16, 2010

Shopping Spree!

So the hubs and I had a little getaway this weekend. We went to Idaho Falls Friday night and stayed through Sunday. Apart from running into our ex-brother-in-law and his mistress at our hotel, it was a nice relaxing time away from the busy summer we've had.

So of course I had a little shopping to do. This collection above is the fabric I chose for my Over the River quilt. I've talked about this quilt before. It has a lot of hand embroidery on it. My paternal grandmother taught me to embroider, so this is being done in honor of her. Here is a picture of the pattern, though you can see it better in this link:

Sorry for the glare. It's hard to see but that bottom embroidered section is a picture of a farmhouse and barn, with a fence leading up to it. The layout of the farm is identical to Grandma's place, and the house is very similar to hers. I had to do this pattern! Such a perfect tribute.

Anyway, black and white didn't seem right to me. I wanted fabrics and colors that would remind me of her, so these are what I chose. These three larger prints will take the place of the black fabrics in the pattern.

Here are all the fabrics with their coordinating shades. I'm not sure there's enough contrast to pair these together in the blocks, so I think I'll put a green with a pink, etc, rather than using the two different greens in one block. Actually now that I'm looking at this, I'm a little concerned that I'll lose my block shapes in these similar colors, so I'm gonna have to think about how to put these together, and probably have to just cut a few and play with the shapes. The blue was my favorite, but they were out of the contrasting blues, so I picked out a beige with little stars on it. It's hard to see it in the picture, but it was the perfect choice sentimentally. Grandma was a teacher and at her funeral, the minister cut an apple in half horizontally and showed the star stape inside. It was a moving tribute I will never forget.

The darker blue on the left side is going to be the inner border and the binding. The dark beige next to it will be the horizontal lines separating the embroidered sections from the block sections. Or at least that was what I was thinking when I bought it. Like I said, I may have to play with this for awhile before I get it all figured out. Also, I somehow missed taking a picture of the unbleached muslin I will use for the embroidery background. It is beige with little black flecks here and there. It will coordinate well with these prints. Now, on to some fabric for my 17 year old daughter...

I spent a lot of time taking pictures of bolts of fabric with my phone and sending them to my daughter who was back home with our little guys. Since we homeschool, and I make the rules ;) she has a sewing class. I have assigned her a number of projects in different categories for credit in home ec. She has to finish her quilt, make a certain number of clothing items, household items, accessories like purses or whatever and such. She gets to pick the exact projects, so long as they fit into the given categories. She's having fun with it. I think all these prints will end up being clothing items. I told her I would supply the patterns but she has to buy her own fabrics. Well, on Saturday, Hancock Fabrics was having a big sale, so she was able to get most of these for around $2/yd. Her favorite is the purple in the picture above.

I like this one the best.

This print is so her. She had a shirt with a similar pattern in all blue shades several years ago and it was one of her favorites.

The color on this photo isn't very accurate. The print is actually bright pink, light pink, purple, and grey. Very pretty, but the picture doesn't show it.

They had Butterick patterns on sale for 97 cents, so I grabbed an assortment of those, and then picked up a few New Look patterns at Walmart.

These are all pretty much in my daughter's size, and I wasn't sure if she would like them or not, but for under a buck, I figured I could take a chance. And the Walmart ones can always be returned if she didn't like them.

Unfortunately I didn't think about the fact that all her fabrics are pretty, and would drape well, but are NOT knits and don't have any stretch to them. So I doubt she will be able to do any of these shirts with those fabrics :(

The pattern on the left actually covers both of our sizes in one package, which is unheard of. So I'm sure it will get some use from one or the other of us.

I had been looking for a very specific shade of blue shirt to match a skirt I have and have never been able to find the right blue. So I finally gave up the search and just bought this knit fabric to make my own. I don't really have a design in mind yet, but I'm sure I'll come up with something.

Here it is with the skirt. It's almost a cornflower blue - it has a lot of grey in it. I actually did buy a grey top to go with this skirt while I was at Ross, but it is kind of plain and boring so I'm hoping for something with a little more styling from this blue.

I had to stop at Target to get some more of my favorite tea towels. I've decided to embroider these using the patterns from Grandma's stash. I found the pattern for her bias tape birds tea towel, and I think these will be done that way. There are 12 towels here, so I'll probably do a couple of different styles. I love tea towels. I think they absorb way more than regular dish towels once they get broke in. They sure don't seem like they would when you see them in the store, but I wouldn't trade my used ones for anything ... even though they are stained.

I've come to the realization that I just really don't like knitting. But I promised myself I would continue until I have a finished product. So I'm going to knit a dishcloth or two and call it good. Ambitious, huh? I had started a scarf but I find working on it tedious rather than relaxing. Maybe it's the fact that I'm using a finer, softer baby weight yarn. I didn't mind knitting when I was learning with the regular stuff. Maybe this project will get me back into it and allow me to practice without stress. I like the variegated yarn and am looking forward to seeing what this will become.

And last but not least, I picked up three fat quarters from my favorite quilt shop which happens to unfortunately be going out of business. I would have bought way more, but there were slim pickins as they say. I have no plans for these, but who could resist the cute little robots and a print with blackbirds wearing red high heels? Okay, so maybe some people could resist, but clearly I could not. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got some sewing to get too...

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