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Sunday, January 16, 2011

I Highly Recommend this Bible Study...

It's called Balancing the Sword by Allen B. Wolfe. There are two volumes, but it will take you a year to get through one of them, so you don't have to buy them both at once unless you want to.

The beginning of the book has a section which explains different Biblical measurements and coins. It is very informative. The book comes with a code for software that allows you to customize a reading schedule. You can purchase the book online at their website or buy it from another source. We purchased the two book set from Vision Forum when they were having a great year-end sale, so we got an incredible deal on it. But whatever you pay for it, I promise it is well worth the investment - both of time and money.

Here is an example of one of the pages - and this book is huge - 589 pages in volume one. There are questions for you to answer from every chapter of every book of the Bible - Old Testament and New. But the real bonus is the long (sometimes very long) list of references to look up which relate to the passage. Being diligent to look up every reference has really changed how I view the Bible. It's amazing how connected every idea is and how it appears throughout all of God's Word.

We have been using this for our personal devotions - my husband, myself and our 18 year old. We started doing this with the almost 7 year old too, but it was just too long for him. We set up our reading schedule so that we would complete the study by the end of the year, but we were already more than a week into January before we began. We each individually do our reading and study, but then always discuss what we found and the things that really surprised us or stuck out to us. Then once a week, we go through all the answers with the book answer key just to make sure we got what we were supposed to. It takes at least an hour a day, some days more, to do the study effectively. There were a couple of days I'm sure I spent more like 2 hours. But like I said, it's been time well spent and I already have gained so much from it. We've only been doing this for a week, and I know I will continue it because it is so rich. So, get yourself a copy and study! You won't regret it.


  1. We absolutely LOVE this set! We use it like a catalyst most mornings as we read through the Bible as a family together. We couldn't agree more with you on how well done this set is! I love how the intent of it is not to lead someone to a certain set of doctrines or beliefs, but to allow the reader to see what the Bible actually speaks on its own. So well done...

    We made a little movie about what we do with it also...
    Balancing the Sword