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Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Week of Cakes

This is a picture of a cake I made for my daughter's 14th birthday. A friend of hers saw it and told her brother about it. His birthday is today, and they asked my daughter to make them one like it. Coincidentally, it is also for his 14th birthday. I couldn't find my digital copy of this photo, so I apologize for the quality. It's really hard to take a picture of a photograph and have it turn out well.

So here is her version, along with the picture of the original.

We must have used a different bowl for the top because her version is a lot taller. Maybe we just filled the bowl fuller this time. Either way, it turned out cute.

This is a really simple cake to make.

The bottom layer and the "meat" layer are both made from round cake pans. The "meat" section is frosted with chocolate fudge frosting, then dusted with oreo cookie crumbs. After that is done, some of the fudge frosting is mixed with white frosting to get the color for the bun. The tomatoes are oreo cookie pieces - just one piece of the cookie, minus the cream filling, covered in runny red frosting to coat. The pickles - or lettuce (whatever you want to call it) - are smashed green gum drops, or in this case "fruit slices" - you know, like those orange slice gum drops. The mustard is just yellow frosting.
The top bun is sprinkled with sunflower seeds to represent sesame seeds. Voila! Done! See, I told you it was simple.

Remember I said it was the week of cakes? Well, this is one she made for the teen group meeting Thursday. It is a homemade incredibly moist chocolate cake with "seven minute frosting." This is basically a meringue frosting. It is super sticky and very sweet, and at 7,200 ft elevation is more like 40 minute frosting than 7 minute frosting. But anyway, it was yummy! I told my daughter this frosting needed to be beat a little longer, but she wouldn't believe me, so we didn't have the nice full peaks of frosting. But it was good anyway. She didn't care for it, and apparently neither did my husband, so I guess we won't be using it anymore. Oh well. It didn't do well for left-overs either. It all kind of wilted and got runny.

I believe I had this type of sticky frosting on my first birthday cake, in this same shade of soft pink. The first picture is a more accurate color. I'm not sure why this one looks washed out.

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