"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fabric, and a Kid Update :)

 Guess what arrived in my mailbox this week?  Chevrons!  I won them :)

 A set of 10 fat quarters!  I'm thinking of adding some polka dot fabric to the mix and making some bunting for my main daycare room.

 Milk and cereal, anyone? (well, soymilk in this case).  He's found a way to keep his drink within easy each. :)

 We got some new dress up items from the dollar store last weekend.  They've been very popular.  (I'd show you a bunch more very cute pictures, but they are of the daycare kids, and we have new regulations about pictures of other kids, so until I get permission slips signed, I can't.  I'm actually thinking of creating a blog for the daycare - if all the parents are okay with it.  Stay posted.  We'll see how that goes.)

 Each day we've been walking.  Well, I've been walking, pushing the six-seat stroller all over this town :)  We usually go to the post office, library and park before heading home for lunch.  The other day, at the park, I looked over to see my three year old ... divining.  Yikes.  What on earth?  I snapped a few pictures, then wandered over a little closer, and heard, "zsh, zsh, zsh."  I had to laugh.  We had passed a town employee over by the post office who was weed eating. :)  So here was his makeshift weedeater :)  Before long, there were a couple other weedeaters too :)

 The eight year old figured out how to loop a toy skateboard in one of the slides.

 When we got home, we tried an idea I found on pinterest.  Each kid made his own pizzas on hamburger buns.  (Again lots of pictures I can't show you yet).  They had the options of ham, pineapple, onion and red pepper, plus cheese and sauce.

Don't they look yummy?  Every kid except the eight year old chose to put onions and peppers on their pizza.  And they all ate every bite ;)

 The baby, who is allergic to eggs, dairy, wheat and nuts had the toppings, plus rice chex.  No bread or cheese for him.  But he was perfectly happy with this.

 This was my lunch.  Salad with peppers, cucumbers, onion, oil and vinegar, salt and pepper.  YUM.

 Goofball... as always when the camera comes out :)  This was dinner.  Steak, roasted potatoes, and invisible crescent rolls (which he always devours as soon as he's given them.  I could about make a batch of the rolls just for him, and he could finish them).

 While the three year old wasn't watching, the baby grabbed his fork.... and used it.

 He really does pretty well with it.  Using either hand, too.

HA.  Not sure what this expression was for, but it's cute, so we'll leave you with this picture for today.  I'm off to a daycare training all day today (9-4) that I'm really looking forward to.  Hope you have a nice Saturday!

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  1. Love those fabrics....dots would look great with them.