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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Need Opinions on Quilt Layout Please

 I'm finally starting to put together my hexagon quilt.  I started this when I was pregnant with the baby - so that's about a year and a half ago now.  I knew I wanted red and turquoise, but couldn't decide how I wanted to do the layout.  I thought about random, but I don't do random.  Random takes me forever to plan out, thus it is the opposite of random for me.  Then I considered making a huge swirl, but I really wanted more interaction with the red and blue.  So I came up with this harlequin layout.  I liked it, but wasn't sure about the blending of the different shades of blue.  It seemed a little muddled.

So I tried separating out the shades, and I thought I liked that better.  I also decided that I needed something simpler in the center of the harlequins, so I made some hexagons out of white on white fabric.  That should help it be more clear.

I also tried separating the bluer blues from the turquoise blues and I packaged them in sets in ziplocks.  This is how I was intending to sew them together, but now that I have it layed out, I'm not so sure I like this either.  I really liked the concentration of all dark blues in one diamond and all light blues in another and turquoises in yet another (like in the second picture).  Maybe I should go back to that....  Not sure yet.  But then again, the more I look at the three all together, the more I like the first layout.  I do definitely like the all white centers though.  Maybe the white centers would clear up the muddled look of the first picture.  Any opinions?

 The other day at naptime, this is how I found the three year old - making tents out of the books :)  He didn't know I was watching him.  He likes to nap in the tent (rather than in his room) since the daycare kids nap in the living room too.  Plus, the baby naps in their bedroom, and when they're both in there, neither of them sleeps.  The three year old is almost four, and really doesn't nap very regularly. I require everyone to lay down at the daycare.  They don't have to nap, but they do have to be quiet for an hour or so to let everyone else rest.  Anyway, thought this was cute.

  Speaking of sleep, Dad has been spoiling the baby rotten.  He likes to rock him to sleep.  We've decided he can't keep doing this all the time (he just recently started doing it) as it will make it harder for the baby to put himself to sleep.  But Dad's a softie, and is enjoying his cuddle time.  The baby really loves his Dad.  He gets so excited when Daddy comes home from work and will run (crawl) to meet him.  The other night, he crawled over to him, then stood up and hugged his leg.  It was adorable.

Is this the look of orneriness, or what?  This little clown has been showing off lately.

 He pops up and stands, then flops back down on his butt.  He wants to walk, but won't take the step without holding on to something.

 (Pardon the full diaper.  I was about to change him when he started all this fun.)

 Then there's this ornery one.  He's been in a lot of trouble lately because he's been repeating what we say to him when he's in trouble.

It goes something like this... "T, pick up those blocks."  And he'll say, "No, you pick up those blocks."  And sometimes he does this pointy finger at us too (which I realized he got from me pointing at him to do something).   But when he tells us to do it, he yells.  Not a good thing. So we're really working on breaking that habit.


  1. I'm currently working on a hexy quilt. I am using 2 inch sided hexies. I am doing it random. It's looking good. I like they way you are doing it. It is muddled, but it's got eye trickery, because if you look closely, it's not random. It's like a combo of both. I like it! I work on mine while I am riding the train to and from work (I live in the NYC area/New Jersey). They are fun to do and very addicting!!!

  2. I personally like the white in the middle of the blue best, as I thought it balanced out the colors. I thought the first pattern had a lot more red than blue. (So if you wanted more red I guess the answer is the first.) :)