"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Funnest Piece of Furniture in the House

 This past week I bought my husband a new building project ;)

 He had lots of assembly help.  See the baby heading to me?  He's figured out that he ought to be cute for the camera.

 Anyway, back to the assembly.  There were a lot of pieces, but it was pretty simple construction.  It just took quite a long time to do it all.

 And this is the end result.  It's called a Discovery Cove, and I stumbled onto it online when I was looking for some sort of shelving to separate my play spaces.  The inside is a tent - the front curtains close too.  I put our bookshelf in there for now, along with a little chair and a few pillows.  I think I'll be switching this up pretty often... maybe weekly.  We'll see.

 The curtain pieces are pretty simple shapes, and I think I will make several different covers so it can become different things.  I'm thinking canvas would make it into a covered wagon, dark material with stars would make it a night time space - maybe I could even hang some of those glow in the dark stars from the support poles.  I have some really tacky fish fabric (tropical fish on a blue background) that came in a huge box of scraps I bought at a yard sale last summer.  There's quite a bit of yardage, and my eight year old suggested it could be the ocean - or one of those aquarium tunnels that are so popular.  We could put all our whales, sharks, etc. in there - and maybe some blue blankets on the floor for a water effect.  The options are limitless.

 We went for a drive the other night - up to a local lake to scout out a camping spot for the weekend.  When we got home, the baby kept trying to climb back into his carseat.  It was pretty funny to watch.  He could get part way in, but then his head would be up against the back, and he would be stuck.  It was pretty entertaining.

 Just because he's cute...

 So this is where we should be right now.  Camping.  But Friday it started raining ... hard.  And with it being Labor Day weekend, all the campgrounds filled up fast.  So we decided instead to head to Jackson Hole on Saturday and just enjoy our time at home and in church on Sunday.  Maybe we'll go fishing Monday, but we're just focused on relaxing.  I've got a lot of little things I could use a free day to catch up on too, so maybe I'll hide at home and let the boys go do something.  We'll see.

 Yet another pretty cloud picture.  Seems to be a theme on my blog ;) 

 (By the way, we decided not to reserve a spot at the campground we were scoping out, because the water was so low at this particular lake that the end of the boat dock was completely out of the water.  We were concerned about rocks that would be sticking out and didn't want to chance it with the boat.)

We're planning on camping next weekend, when there are no crowds, and we're trying to figure out a good weekend to go to Yellowstone too, since the crowds will be gone after this weekend.  I have a lot of training classes coming up for my daycare business - like every other weekend through the end of October, so that will limit us to some extent.  I really enjoy the trainings though, so I don't mind them.  And we can still camp out on those weekends.  When the trainings are local, I'll just head to town early enough to get a shower before heading to the training... which shouldn't be a problem since I've gotten into a routine of getting up at 6:30 every day - weekday or not.  And the out of town ones might find us camping in a Walmart parking lot :)

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