"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day :) and Simple Breakfast Cookies

Yesterday was Valentines Day.  It didn't seem much like a holiday to me though.  It was a very busy day.  

My sweet husband did get me these beautiful roses though, and a box of cashews.  (I'm phasing off my diet, but still trying to avoid too many sweets :)

When my four year old saw me smelling them, he asked if he could smell my trees - ha.  They were long stemmed before I cut them to fit the vase.

But the best thing I got for Valentines Day I didn't even know about until this morning.  I was exhausted yesterday after undoing this All.Day.Long.

Yeah. I had child locks on the cabinets, but over time they had loosened up with use.  So while I went to bed early last night (extremely rare for me - it was 11) my sweet husband installed magnetic cabinet locks! WOOHOO!!

Today has already been more peaceful ;)

I guess mad etch-a-sketch skills run in the family ...though it must be on my husband's side, because I could never get the stupid lines to go where I wanted them.  Anyway, the eight year old is a genius with it, and now the four year old is really interested in it.  He had to show us is skills...

He made stairs - and he called them that and brought them to show us. :)  Who knows.  Maybe we'll have two artists in the family.

 The baby was having fun with a baby.  We're trying to help him learn to be sweet with the baby.

He's pretty rough with his daycare friends.

Just hangin' out...

The eight year old and I had such a great time working together on the plant hangers we found directions for on pinterest, that we decided to keep trying to do activities from that site.  We found a great recipe for healthy breakfast cookies.

I was skeptical about how well they would turn out.  They just had two ingredients - bananas and oatmeal.  The directions said to smash two bananas and add a cup of oatmeal.  You could stop there, or add whatever you wanted.  We added raisins and cinnamon (and chocolate chips to a few of them).

The eight year old pretty much did it all himself.  He made breakfast for the whole daycare.

He baked them at 350 for about 15 minutes.

 We did figure out that you have to press them down before you bake them. They don't spread at all, so when he put them on the tray with the cookie scoop, they came out of the oven more like cookie balls ... which could be fun if you wanted to decorate them like the cake balls everyone is into these days.  But we smashed the next pan down and everyone thought they were more like cookies.  You should have seen how excited the daycare kids (and my four year old) were when I told them we were having cookies for breakfast - ha.

And the best thing is that my littlest munchkin can have them too - even though he's allergic to eggs, dairy, wheat and nuts.  We didn't put any chocolate chips in his, but there are some dark chocolate chips I've found that he could have.  But oh, what a mess that would have been.  I like the idea that the original poster of this recipe said - that you can eat half a pan of cookies, and all you've really eaten was one banana and a half cup of oatmeal.  Can't beat that.

The four year old is really into watching chapel on the computer. It is broadcast online from the Bible college my daughter attends, and he knows she is watching the same thing. He always tells me she is there :)

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