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Friday, September 10, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow??

Actually, the garden grew pretty well considering our cool summers. (There was only one week this summer where my boys needed shorts each day). It was a little slow taking off, but looked like I would have a good harvest. Then, toward the last half of August, it started freezing overnight. So each night I would put my plants in the garage, and each morning I would set them out in the sun. The came Labor Day weekend. We decided to visit family in Fort Collins, Colorado. We were going to be gone from Friday night to Monday night, so I had to decide whether to leave the plants out the whole time, or leave them in the dark garage. The weather forecast looked decent, so I opted to leave them out. I knew we were in trouble when on the way home, the temperature was dropping into the thirties according to our vehicle gauge.

Sure enough, they all froze :( The big tomato plant had 12 ripening tomatoes. I had only harvested one of them. After freezing, I can't even have fried green tomatoes :( In fact, nothing at all was salvageable.

My little grape tomatoes did fairly well throughout the year, and we had already harvested around 20 of these, but there were so many more still on the plant.

This yellow pepper plant only produced this one pepper, but it was a nice big one, and almost ready for picking. I'm really upset about losing this pepper.

The red peppers had four on the plant, but they were really slow to come out. I knew it would be a challenge to get them ripened, but I had high hopes. Oh well.

This is my sad cucumber plant. I thought cucumbers would do well here because they seem to like temperatures a little cooler. At least they did when we lived in the south. I had cucumbers over the winter there - or at least very late fall and very early spring. This one never really did anything. It had about 30 blossoms, but I don't think any of them ever started growing a cucumber.

Even my beautiful red geranium which was protected on the porch didn't do well. It's sad and wilty now.

The pink geranium was done already, so it wasn't such a loss, but it still looks sad. Maybe I'll have better luck next year... if I get a greenhouse :(

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