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Monday, September 13, 2010

The Jelly's Done!

Finally! I think making this jelly took me longer than any jelly I've ever made before. I usually pick or buy the fruit and make jelly or jam the same day or weekend. Not this time! But at least it's done.

My favorite thing about canning is seeing the beautiful colors in the jars... oh yeah, and having yummy stuff I made myself. Saturday, my mother-in-law and I got together in her kitchen and made this jelly. Here's what we did.

Our recipe was very simple: 3 cups Oregon grape juice, two cups apple juice, a dab of margarine to prevent foaming, and a box of Sure-jell.

Bring to a full rolling boil.

Once it reaches a full rolling boil, add 7 cups of sugar. Stir constantly until it comes to a full rolling boil again.

When it gets to the full rolling boil the second time, set a timer for exactly one minute, stirring constantly. Then immediately remove from heat.

Meanwhile the jars have been steaming in a pan of almost boiling hot water. Pull the jars out, drain any excess water, then fill jars with jelly.

Turn upside down for 5 minutes, then flip back over. Jars will seal when they feel like it :)

With our one gallon of Oregon grape juice, we ended up with an equivalent of 3 gallons of jelly - some in pint jars and some in half-pints.

Aren't they pretty?

I guess we actually ended up with more than that because we kept two and a half pints unsealed for immediate use.

This was my share of the jelly - the box on the left is pint jars, the right is mostly half pints with two pints thrown in. The blue lid is the one we are using immediately - actually in an old mayonnaise jar. This jelly is very rich and strong, so it will go a long ways. Toward the end we actually made the ratio 2 1/2 cups each of Oregon grape jelly and apple juice. I think that may be the best ratio to go with.

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