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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's Been a Good Week

I haven't had a chance to post in awhile because we've been busy with company. My dad and his friend Patty have been here for a week visit. It's been a good week. Here' some of what I've been up to.

We met our oldest son for dinner a week ago as he passed through the area. He is in the Air Force, so we don't see him very often. We had a nice visit.

I also took time to boil down my chokecherries and make them into juice. I'll be making jelly and syrup this weekend, but I needed to get them juiced so they would survive the wait. I ended up with about 3 quarts of juice from the berries I had picked. I'd like a little more than that so I'll have to see if I can find any more ripe berries. I'm almost too late, I think.

We did a lot of playing outside this week. It's been beautiful, perfect weather, with perfect fall colors for Dad and Patty's visit. We were trying to teach the 6 year old to catch a football. He's got a ways to go ;)

It was homecoming this week, and even though we homeschool, we do get into the fun of the football games and parade. My daughter's boyfriend (also homeschooled) plays on the local team, so we were really excited to see the game. Unfortunately the game didn't go well, but we still had a fun evening.

Then on Saturday we took the boat out and enjoyed a perfect day of fishing. Patty had never fished before, so it was fun to see her catch the first fish - a 19" mackinaw - as well as the most fish. They were really biting, and we caught a total of 12 fish - 10 from the first lake we visited, then 2 later that evening at a different lake, where we had only intended to cruise around and look at scenery. Never hurts to put a line in the water!

The water was smooth as glass and perfectly still most of the day.

The reflections with the fall colors were gorgeous!

I LOVE living in Wyoming, and fall is my favorite season. We'll be out hunting very soon.

Saturday night, my daughter and her boyfriend joined us for the second lake. Then we had a big cookout at the lake with Dad, Patty, my husband's parents, my daughter's boyfriend and all of our family. We had ribeye steaks cooked over the campfire, dutch oven potatoes (my mother-in-law's specialty - YUM!), corn on the cob, garlic french bread and chocolate peanut butter bars for dessert. I didn't get any pictures of the cookout because we didn't finish fishing until dark, so it was very dark when we got to dinner.

Here are the ten fish we caught at the first lake. The longest three are just short of 20" long. We had a full gallon ziplock bag of fillets when we finished, so we had everyone over here for dinner Sunday night for a fish fry. Yum again! I didn't think to take pictures of the two we caught at the second lake, but they were about as long as the biggest of these, and we did keep them and fillet them too.

Then last night, we went back up to the lake where my in-laws had been camping all weekend, and roasted hot dogs and smores. We had the rest of the corn on the cob and a big salad with my mother-in-law's homemade blue cheese dressing, which I will have to post the recipe for sometime. It was delicious. I picked a few rose hips before dinner and plan to do more picking tonight. I think I'll see if I can find a few more chokecherries too, and I need a lot more rose hips. I love harvest time!

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