"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Organizing my Sewing Projects, Baby Talk, & Cinnamon Roll Waffles

I recently decided to commit to sew on the days I have an extra early daycare arrival - about 5:45 am - yikes. Not being a morning person, I have to keep moving or I will fall asleep. So it seemed like the perfect time to get in some sewing. Problem is, my sewing room is in the garage. And it's been COLD. We're talking temperatures in the teens this week. Where did fall go? I have one sewing machine I brought into the house. Not that we have room for one in the house, but if I didn't do that, I would literally never get to sew as my presence is always required in the daycare - even when they're napping. And there's never time in the evening. So back to the point. I tried to accomplish my new goal of sewing in the morning this week and found that I was constantly having to run back out to the garage for supplies, and that I couldn't find anything I was looking for. It's been a long time since I was able to sew out there and things have just gotten mixed around enough that it's impossible to walk out and pick up what I need. So yesterday I spent some time sorting and organizing (while wearing my heavy winter coat and gloves. How many of you have to clean your sewing room dressed like an Eskimo?

Anyway, this is what I ended up with. A big crate full of individually packaged projects - you're looking at a whopping 15 of them here. 15! 15 projects I am either in the middle of or have planned enough to have all the supplies for (well, I do need to pick up a couple things - buttons, black felt, etc.) Anyway, they're all packaged in a gallon zip lock bag and labeled. They have the extras - things like elastic to finish my small ironing board cover - tucked away in the bag with them, so hopefully I won't have to run back out to the garage at dark-thirty anymore. I really ought to include a spool of thread and a bobbin while I'm at it. Hmm. Gonna have to do that.

Some of the projects are quick and small. I need to make a cover for my small ironing board. The old one is nasty. I need to finish a stocking for the new baby. I made western stockings for the whole family last year, and had just found out I was expecting again, but wasn't telling anyone yet. So I just cut out an extra for a boy and an extra for a girl so it would be the same as everyone else had. Now I just need to run the pocket down to the embroidery shop and have his name put on it and I will be able to put it together. Some of the projects aren't so small. I have the makings of six quilts in this basket, with two more in the cupboard in the sewing room. They are in various stages of completion. Some just need to be quilted and others haven't even been started. Better get moving! At least now I have a designated time and an organized space. That's half the battle done already. I don't expect to finish many quilts right away. I've got Christmas sewing to do, and most of those projects aren't even in these bags.

In other news... Good morning! We're talking :) or at least we think we are. The baby has gotten very vocal lately. Mostly it's a crackly sounding "ah ah ah" but he gets so excited when we talk back to him. I'm sure he thinks we understand what he's trying to say :)

He also likes to chew on his blankets now. He's not attached to them or anything, but he definitely likes to play with them. Mostly it consists of throwing them on the floor while he's swinging :)

Here's a picture of the caterpillar onesie I made last week on the baby. I love it. The onesie is a 6 month size and it's big on him, so it should fit for quite awhile. I bought a package of four of them, so I need three more ideas, if you have any suggestions. I've seen a lot of freezer paper stenciled ones but I just can't imagine paint would be very comfortable. I'd really rather sew something on it. I'll have to think... or maybe google or pinterest can help.

He's really good at playing with his toys now too. His eye hand coordination has greatly improved. And he's all over the place when he plays on the floor. One minute he'll be laying this way, and the next he's turned completely around with his head where his feet were. He also rolls over both from belly to back (he did that several times two days after he was born, before we even left the hospital) and now from back to belly. He used to hate being on his belly, but now he's getting more used to it.

Well, here's my latest Pinterest project. Someone posted that you can make refrigerator cinnamon rolls on the waffle iron, so I figured I would give it a shot.

So the verdict is that yes, technically you can make them on the waffle iron. There are several problems though. Number one being that they stick to the waffle iron even when you spray it. Maybe it was the kind of rolls I bought - mine had a cinnamon sugar on the end of the rolls that just burnt and stuck fast.

They do look and smell wonderful. But they taste burnt because the sugar leaks onto the griddle and burns.

Oh yeah, and they're crazy messy. Those squares in the "waffles" hold pools of sugar and when you bite into them, you either have to eat it one square at a time, or it runs. I was so busy trying to keep it from dripping off the front of the roll that I didn't even notice the icing running out the back and down my hand. So if you make these, plan on eating them like a waffle ... with a fork. But overall, I wouldn't recommend them. Yes, you can make cinnamon rolls in a waffle iron, but my question is, why would you want to? Well, I guess there is the fact that they cook pretty quick. Oh well. It was worth a couple of bucks to give it a shot. On to the next project!


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