"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Happiest Birthday Ever :)

Yesterday was the most fun! Our two year old turned three, and you've never seen a happier kid :) We had such a fun day!

His sister made him this great "buggy cake" as he called it.

Ever since his seven year old brother started collecting insects for a homeschool project, he's been thrilled with bugs. He would touch them while the seven year old would scream and run away. He even squished spiders with his bare fingers. So we knew he would love this cake.

He was so excited! It was such fun to watch him :)

We showed him the cake first thing in the morning, but made him wait until evening for his party - cake, ice cream and presents with Bugga and Papa.

See his finger? He had just tried to touch one of the plastic bugs, and then jumped back and squealed.

He was so silly! This little character is so much fun every day. He just makes me smile all the time :)

We had a special lunch based on something I saw on Pinterest. We stuck uncooked spaghetti noodles through chunks of hot dogs, then boiled them.

Here they are all ready to go into the pot.

The rest of the hot dogs were cut to make octopus bodies, then thrown into the same pot.

I think together they look like octopus and jelly fish. Whatever you want to call them, the kids had a lot of fun eating them. One of our other daycare kids shares this birthday (except that he is a year younger). He wasn't so thrilled with the lunch. He pulled every piece of spaghetti out of his hot dogs and only ate the dogs. Normally he likes pasta, but he certainly wasn't thrilled with the combination ;) When I saw this project on Pinterest, I wondered if the pasta inside the dogs would cook. It was definitely al dente, but the kids liked it. I even specifically asked the seven year old about it, and he said it was great. But then, he was eating them pretty fast and I'm not sure he even noticed the texture. Hot dogs are not my thing, so I didn't try them.

I found these cool dump truck balloons at the dollar store the other day (in the town 100 miles away). I bought them and asked that they not be aired up, then took them to our local grocery store's gift shop to get helium in them today. What a fun idea. I could have just gotten him the balloons! I bought four, and gave the extra one to the daycare kid who shares his birthday, along with a regular balloon. His dad is a Caterpillar mechanic, so it seemed especially appropriate :)

He "drove" them around (after he figured out how to get ahold of them. That was a funny sight in itself.) He was going to "ride" one, but I stopped him just in time before he sat on it and popped it.

Papa brought him a stick horse and handed it to him when they walked through the door. He was so excited.

It took a long time before we could get him to put it down and stop riding it so he could open his presents.

It was kind of hard to open presents and hold the stick horse at the same time.

He had Papa help him open a taped box. I love how the baby looks in this picture. He's really paying attention to what Papa's doing.

Of course he got all sorts of fun stuff, including this Cat loader that came with a power tool wrench. You can take the whole thing apart and reassemble it, but he just thought it was a gun.

And he got a Bronco's football helmet to match his brother's. Good thing. Now they won't have to fight over the one. This kid loves helmets :) I missed getting a picture of him playing with the Zhu Zhu pet (a toy hamster that runs around and makes noises) that Papa and Bugga brought him. He's a little bit afraid of it, so he will push the button to make it go, then run all the way across the room, jump up on the couch, hide behind someone and laugh while he watches it. It was so funny!

He was so excited in this picture because he had blown out the candles all by himself. This is the first year that he wasn't afraid of them, and did the blowing all on his own ;) But then, I guess after his Dad's bonfire earlier this month, three little candles didn't seem all that intimidating.

A little chocolate cake and Rocky Road ice cream...

He was so proud of the mess he had made. But actually this is the cleanest he's ever looked after a birthday party :) He still insisted on taking a bath though. It was such a good, fun day! Happy Birthday, Little Man!


  1. Looks like a very buggy birthday! :)

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