"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Friday, November 18, 2011

Out and About with my Little Man :)

The littlest man and I got to hang out today. Not that we don't get to do that every day. But today we drove 100 miles to get our windshield replaced - just the baby and I. We had an hour and a half at the repair shop to visit and play.

I almost didn't go at all. We had to leave here by 6:30, and since the temperatures have been in the teens and twenties, I went out to start the truck so it could warm up. When I stepped onto the sidewalk I got a shock. I knew we had snow, but I was surprised by how deep it was. We had roughly 6 inches and it was snowing heavily. I went back inside, checked local webcams and decided it was only right here at home, so we went ahead. I had to shovel to uncover the truck, and to get everything loaded before we could leave. The roads were only bad for the first 30 miles though, and once we got to our destination, it was in the 40's and beautiful But by the time we came home, the bad weather had spread to most of the drive - at least 3/4 of the way home we were in snow and had slick roads - snow packed in some places and black ice most of the way. I saw two separate roll-over accidents that had occurred shortly before we went by, but thankfully we were safe. Tis the season...

While I was waiting on the windshield, this is what I accomplished. Another check off the Pinterest board! I actually started this yesterday, and worked on it a bit last evening. My daughter, seven year old and I, went to a local production of The King and I, which featured several of our good friends, including the leading lady, Anna. It was very well done. I heard a rumor that they're considering doing Fiddler on the Roof or The Wizard of Oz next (I hope they do Fiddler!). I might be tempted to try out for a small, non leading roll in one of those :) Anyway, I worked on this washcloth while waiting for the play to begin, and then again during intermission. We live in a very small western town, and we're very informal here, so I wasn't breaking any social rules or anything. I put the finishing stitches in it while waiting for the windshield to be installed. It would have gone a lot faster had the baby not been playing catch with the yarn. He must have thought I was teasing him. He kept giggling and grabbing the yarn and the washcloth. We had fun together anyway :)

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