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Friday, November 11, 2011

Sorry for the Delay, I've Been Distracted

So I've been a little distracted lately...

by this :) ....
and this ....

a little of this...

Oh, and this.

The house we've been trying to move for the past year has finally arrived... er, um, half of it has anyway. The other half won't be coming. It flipped over in Nebraska. Onto it's roof. Total destruction. Yep. So much for that idea. Actually it should all be good. For one thing, the accident was caused by wind, which means it ought to be covered by the transporter's insurance. For another thing the part that was destroyed was just bedrooms and a dining room, which would be easier and cheaper to rebuild, if we choose to rebuild it. The half that came has the kitchen and both bathrooms, along with half of the living room, and a family room. It's in rough shape, but it could be used if we need to. We have to wait and see how everything goes with the insurance. We may be able to just get a replacement home, or we may choose to just pay off some debt. We'll decide when we figure out what the settlement will be.

So, in my distracted state of mind I completely forgot to post four month old pictures, which should have been taken on the first. Instead, it was more like the 9th... or 10th. I don't honestly remember.

After I got the pictures loaded on the computer, I noticed how bad the spots are where he spit up. It didn't show up in real life. I thought about retaking the pictures, but figured this is how life really is, and it deserves documenting too. Truth in blogging, eh? Here's reality for you. Sometimes my baby spits up and doesn't keep his lovely little outfits clean. Shocker, huh? :)

I have a million pictures with his hand in his mouth, or in the way so the camera can't get a picture of his face. He's really into sucking his fingers right now. Two at a time. Any two, but never the thumb.

The two year old is so sweet with his little brother. He loves him dearly and plays with him constantly - always cuddling or snuggling, or saying, "I can hold him."

He loves to tickle the baby's toes.

He likes it when the baby kicks his face.

And he's very protective.

Oh yeah. And he always wants the camera so he can take a picture.

The baby is getting really good at grabbing the toys on his overhead play set, but he rarely tries to grab anything off the table, or away from me, and he has shown no interest in table food yet, which is fine for me. Our pediatrician says the nutrition is better just from nursing rather than through table food. In other words, he isn't missing anything by eating later than my other kids have. This one is definitely a kid of his own. Not following anyone elses trends yet.

I love this little hooded outfit on him. And that he likes to sleep on us. I am enjoying the cuddly part of babyhood :) I could hold him all day. But it's always nice when someone else wants to take a turn.

He loves taking baths, and is so relaxed I'm sure he would sleep there if we let him. He loves just to lay there and soak. Sometimes when he's wide awake he will kick and splash like crazy - I about need to change after bathing him, I get so wet. But lately we've been doing night time baths, and this is what he looks like. He doesn't mind submerging his ears, and he always turns toward his left side and sucks his fingers, but never turns so far as to drown himself. Pretty smart ;)

He scoots pretty good too. But usually he just turns over instead and pushes with his feet while laying on his back. He doesn't like to be on his belly unless someone is laying there with him, talking to him and encouraging him to play.

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