"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Monday, November 12, 2012

A Full Freezer

 I can't tell you what a great sight this is.  My freezer is full, and it's mostly meat!  I have room at the top for just a little bit of stuff, but mostly this freezer is full.  We finally processed all the elk (two of them.)  We split the meat with my husband's parents.  So here's the tour.  I have boxes in the bottom of the freezer to keep things somewhat organized.  Starting with the top left, we have frozen vegetables, then the top middle is miscellaneous meats - store-bought chicken, steak, pork, and a cheapo bag of fish sticks (which the kids love).  The entire right side is elk burger, with a bag of homemade breakfast burritos for hubby's work-day breakfasts on top.  Center front is all elk steak and roasts.  (The grocery bag on top holds ice packs, which we use in coolers). And the front left is full of potato products - french fries, tater tots, hash browns, and a couple frozen pizzas on top.  We're well prepared for winter... and then some :)

 While we were cutting up elk in my in-law's basement, my three year old found this wire thing.  My mother-in-law asked if I knew what it was.  I had no clue.  Do you know what it is?

 It's a handle for a milk jug.  We use a ton of soy milk (for my baby and one of the kids in the daycare), and they fit perfectly into this.  It sure makes it a lot easier to pour!  Thanks Bugga *wink*

 The other night I was in the mood for this yummy parmesan chicken (you know, the kind that uses mayonnaise and parmesan cheese).  Sorry I forgot to take pictures after it had baked.  Anyway, this is not an approved diet item, so I was out of luck...

... until I realized that I could substitute mustard for the mayo!  Woohoo  - the only cheat in this was the parmesan cheese, which has no carbs and is pretty low fat, so it wasn't a bad cheat at all.  And, I will add, it was amazingly good :)  Speaking of the diet, I've lost a total of 92 pounds now.  I'm creeping up on that big 100 pound mark, which I'm determined to get to before my oldest son comes home from his deployment :)

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