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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Organization Goes Green :)

8 My To-Do list has had a big upgrade.  I decided to go green.  I switched from paper and colored pencils to a publisher file on the computer.  This first page has all the things I would like to do each day listed down the left hand side, and the days of the week color-coded across the top - red for Monday, Orange for Tuesday, etc.  The places you see colored in are the items I actually got done each day.  So now I'm rethinking some of the items on the list that were never done, wondering if they really need to be done every day or not.

 Page two is last week's to-do's that are above and beyond the items on the daily chart.  These are divided by category - red for cleaning, orange errands, yellow hands on work, green office, blue phone calls, purple computer, hot pink sewing.  As you can see I didn't get much sewing done... I never do.

 By the end of the week, this list had grown to spill over into a second page.

This is what my new list (for the new week) looked like yesterday morning, before the work began.  I imagine it will grow much bigger as well.  In fact it is already pretty well full, after just one day of adding to it.  But thankfully, things are being colored in as well.  Anyway, the only negative I've found to this so far is that I think of things I need to add to the list when the computer is off - especially when I'm heading to bed.  I solved that problem by putting a notepad by my bed.  I'm not sure any of you really cares about all this, but it's very interesting to me.  I guess most people will probably say it's another one of those things I think about too much...

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