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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Nut Allergy, Treats for Troops, and My Crazy Life

First let me start by saying it's been crazy around here.  Actually I should qualify that.  It's always crazy around here.  But lately, it's been much crazier than normal.  It all started with the baby having a bad reaction to peanut butter - which put us at the emergency room Saturday morning a week and a half ago.  Since then we've made a quick trip to Jackson Hole and Idaho Falls all in the same day for four different doctors appointments in one day.  (It's challenging to get a fill-in for the daycare, so we bit the bullet and did everything in one day).  Anyway, long story short, the baby is now highly allergic to nuts, and we will have to be hyper-vigilant to make sure he isn't exposed to them. I took my camera along on that mad dash, but never took a single picture.  So in other news...

 Our eight year old has had a great time lately making pictures and writing letters to his brother overseas in the Air Force.  He even decorates the back side of the envelopes.  I got in trouble for mailing this one because apparantly he wasn't done - there was supposed to be a whole shark feeding frenzy on this envelope.  Oh well.

 The eight year old spent yesterday making cookies for a 4-H project.  The 4H club is doing "Treats for Troops" so he made a batch of peanut butter cookies (I know - we just said we have a peanut allergy here, but we're trying to rid the house of peanut butter... and being very careful about crumbs and such.)

He had a little side-kick helper.  Nothing gets done without the close observation of the side kick ;)

 ... especially when there is a camera at hand.

 We could take his oldest brother's mailing information to them to have treats sent to him as he is in the Air Force overseas, but he is coming home soon, and will be home before the goodies could arrive.  So we'll just have to make some treats for our own troop when he comes home.

 It's impossible to get a "normal" posed picture of the eight year old.  All the somewhat normal ones looked like he was either half asleep or bored to death, so you get this one...

 Last night we played a family game.  We've been doing this a lot lately.  Different games each night - Sorry, Dominoes, Tetris Link, and so on.

 We have a lot of excitement with this too.

 It's called two very "helpful" brothers that think they need to play too.  The three year old (who will be four tomorrow) usually gets extra pieces - in this case, the yellow pawns, or when we play dominoes, he gets the extra trains.  The baby will grab anything he can reach.

 That includes the game board or anything else he can reach.  That's one major disadvantage to the shorter daycare table...

 Last night, the eight year old went to get the baby some soymilk.  He managed to splash it on his head... don't known exactly how that happened, but if you think this is bad, you should have seen the counter.

 Our daughter is doing well at college.  We hear from her once in awhile.  She's having a great time as you can see, and putting to good use the colorful socks I sent her in a care package.  Glad she's getting good use out of them.  (By the way, she told me this fun experiment was a flop and she ended up having to wash the crazy curls out of her hair before class.)

I recently got a new phone and had to transfer the pictures I had on the old one to the computer so I wouldn't lose them.  I came across this one, which is about a year old now.  We were shopping for Christmas gifts last year and the mall we went to had these car strollers.  The three year old had never been in one (we never go to malls) and he was really impressed when he saw himself in the three-sided mirror.  Anyway, I didn't want to lose this picture forever, so here it is :)

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