"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Monday, November 26, 2012


 Last Wednesday our three year old turned four :)

 It was a pretty low-key day, being the day before Thanksgiving.

We took him to dinner, opened presents and visited Papa and Bugga.

 I kind of cheated this year as far as gifts went.  I had these three in the closet most of the year, so I didn't do any shopping right before his birthday.

 It didn't matter to him.

This truck and trailer are toys I won at a fund raiser for some friends.  I tucked it away in the closet, figuring it would be a good gift for one of the boys.

 The turtle mixer was a toy he picked out himself.  We took him to our local pharmacy/gift shop, and he got to pick out one toy.  He had received some money from his Sunday School teacher, and we paid the difference.

 Grandpa sent a card that had money in it too.  I took him to the Cowboy Shop and let him pick out a new pair of boots with that money plus some.  This has become a tradition for him.

His brothers all enjoyed playing with the new toys too.

On his birthday, he suddenly developed an interest in drawing.  He wasn't real interested in it before, but loves it now.  He always wants me to get him the box of markers, and then only uses the black one.

 You can see his new boots (sort of) in this picture.  The tops are a dark green color.  Very classy.

We didn't do a birthday cake, because this kid doesn't eat cake or ice cream.  We have this problem every year, and one year even made him birthday cookies ... which if I remember right, he didn't eat.  And since the next day was Thanksgiving, I just made a dessert for him to take to Papa and Bugga's for the big dinner.  The four year old picked it out (from a picture online).  It was a brownie mix made like a cookie, with cream cheese and fruit on top.  He didn't eat it, but everyone else thought it was good.  Oh well. There are worse things than a kid not wanting to eat dessert.