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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Road Trip to the Wyoming Football Game

 Last Friday we hit the road for a fun weekend.  We drove down to Fort Collins, CO to spend the night with my mom and visit with my sister and her family (I'll do a separate post for the family pics).

Once we got on I-80, I started noticing how many double trailer Fed Ex trucks there were.  From Rock Springs to Laramie we counted 35 of them, plus two of their little vans.  Guess how many UPS trucks we saw... ONE.

Saturday we left Fort Collins and did a little back tracking back up to Laramie for the UW homecoming game against New Mexico.

They have one of those beautiful new fields like the pros (and like our local school district which is swimming in oil field money).

 The kids were pretty impressed. Except at one point, our four year old asked us to turn off the music. ha.  It was a little overwhelming for him, but he did really well.  He squeezed in between Dad and the nine year old for most of the game, so he was actually pretty content.  (For those of you who don't normally follow along, he has autism and sometimes gets overwhelmed easily, so him being content was a big accomplishment).

 We had great seats - only 21 rows up from the field, and we had group seats, so everyone around us was from our hometown (about a 5 hour drive to the game).

 The boys were impressed by the tricks the cheerleaders could do.  (She did a somersault flip to get down from there).

The band was really good too - they have the largest marching band in UW history.

It also happened to be "band days" so bands from around the state, plus some from Nebraska and Colorado were there.  They all marched out onto the field and played a song together with the UW band.  Our local band ended up lining up right near where we were seated too, so some of the parents got to see their kids right there.

At the end, the marching band spells out WYO.

It's easier to see on the big screen.

 During halftime, they introduced our nephew and gave him an award.  If I'm not mistaken it was the National Honors Society Gold Award.  I think that's what they called it.  (Someone in my family who knows can let me know if that's right.)  Anyway it was a really big deal.

Congrats, Casey!  It was really cool to be there to see this awarded.

We all had a really good time at the game.

 I was going to put a caption here, but I think the picture speaks for itself.

Sometimes there really are no words for this kid...

The four year old used the giant foam finger to "shoot" people.


The final score was 38-31, and we won :)  Do you like the flames at the top of the scoreboard?  We have a canon too ;)

After the game we had to drive back to Fort Collins.  This little man jabbered the whole way.  He kept saying "I'm not sleepy." and "It's not naptime."

His brothers were wiser and went right to sleep.

It was a beautiful drive with the sun setting.

 And then of course as soon as we got in to Fort Collins, he crashed.  Go figure.

We had a pretty amazing day at the game though, and when we got to Ft. Collins, we had a great dinner which featured my brother-in-law's amazing marinated grilled steak.  Can't beat a day like that :)

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