"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Snowing Again

 After a miserably cold night of football, we woke to this...

It was coming down pretty heavy for awhile.

The two year old loves all the big low windows and sliding glass doors in this house.  He can see out easily and was so excited about the snow.

This is one of the many windows outside the playroom.  It was originally a porch/sun room, so it's nothing but floor to ceiling windows.  This afternoon he was playing down there and spotted a bird in the trees.  This little guy is enthralled with birds.  He stood up and squatted so he could see through the bush and watched the bird for several minutes until he flew off.  Could there be a better homeschool classroom?  This is even better than the zoo :)  I'm going to put a little bird feeder down in those bushes so we'll attract even more birds.

Today's snow is about the third that has put down much.  These last pictures are from last week - at the old house.  It snowed about the same amount today, and like last week, was pretty much melted off by noon.

It's really pretty early for so much snow.  We usually have snow that seems to come more frequently around the end of October, sometimes later.  It has been really wet and cold here most of September already.  We're in the high mountains of Wyoming, so we can see snow nearly every month of the year (the only month I don't recall seeing snow myself is August, though it definitely could happen and probably has).  But this seems unusual for our "high desert" environment.  It's been very wet - more like Spring.  I even overheard a couple of "old-timers" talking at the thrift store today about how mixed up the weather is.  They were talking about the grass growing as if it's Spring.  I wonder what this means for our winter...  Good thing my Dad got our snow blower running (I bought a huge old Toro from someone locally online for $35, but it didn't run.  Now it does, and I'm thinking I got a steal!  Thanks Dad!)

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