"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Curing Cabin Fever

 It's been a long winter, and it's time to get out of the house ... at least while we can.  We've had warmish weather lately and figured we better take advantage of it.  (I say warmish because it's been in the high 20's to high 30's but after dealing with a cold winter, it feels great.  The sun helps immensely too.)

Tuesday night we decided to take the boys out for a "hike."  I want to do a bunch of trail hiking this summer so we wanted to get the boys in shape and get the little ones used to walking on uneven ground and in less than ideal circumstances.

 The 10 year old and Dad got into a snowball fight, which I may or may not have initiated, then hid behind the two year old ;)

The five year old found that he could walk on top of the crusted-over snow.

Well, mostly.

At least he laughed about it instead of screaming.

The moon was out.  It was actually fairly late.

The park we went to has a very nice veterans memorial.  From where we were we would have had to wade through deep snow to get to it, so the pictures are just from afar.

I thought it was interesting that one flag pole had flags straight out and the other was completely still. It looks like the pole with the flags is higher but that is not the case, as the other pole has the American flag at the top.

 This path follows the creek that runs through town.  The ice that remains is pretty thick - probably close to 2 feet deep.

 The favorite activity was to throw snowballs into the water.  Both the little boys are getting to be great throwers.  In case you're wondering where the 10 year old is, he ran up ahead in order to ambush his Dad.

Daddy helped the two year old get across the icy patches and over the bumpy snow.

The five year old especially loved hiking.  He has asked me every day since if we could go somewhere to hike again.  We did yesterday, but I'll post that one separately since there are so many pictures.

I like the blurry effect here.

This is what it actually looks like.  Still quite a bit of snow.

The trail was kind of rough going for part of it.  We have so much snow that none of the trails out of town will be open for a long time.

 The trail makes a loop, so it comes back to the memorial.  This is a better picture of what it's like.  There are names on the walls and there is a statue in the middle with two bald eagles on it.

 See how deep the snow was? And this is after the melting and settling we've had with the warm weather.

We were being watched toward the end of our walk.

The 10 year old was still trying to perfect his "stealth mode" ... lets just say he needs to keep working on it ;)

After the hike we stopped at Subway for dinner, then headed home to eat it.  It was neat to see the sunset from the opposite view for a change.

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