"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

He Got in the Water!!!

 I was a little concerned with how the swim therapy would go this time around as this was what he looked like first thing this morning.  He insisted that we buy him goggles and a "mouth golf" - that's what he's always called it. :)

I convinced him that his helper probably needed to see his face, so he just kept his flippers on.

I think this was our fourth or fifth session, and we finally got him to touch the water.  It started with convincing him that flippers are made for being in the water.

At first he would only get the front edge of them in.

But it didn't take him long to ease in further.

He needed to use the bathroom, and I was able to convince him to take the flippers off so he could walk better.  Then he never put them back on.

She asked him if he could put his elbows in :)

 We sure carried a bunch of stuff to the pool. But I was glad he was able to leave it in a pile and just enjoy swimming :)

 Eventually she got him to reach farther and farther into the water to pick up toys.  This part of the pool just slopes slowly deeper.

His lessons are supposed to be half an hour, but she has taken a full hour with him nearly every time because he gets more and more comfortable with it.

He really had a good time once he got comfortable.

This is what success looks like :)


  1. What a wonderful story. So glad that his helper is so good at what she does. My daughter also had a wonderful helper, they make all the difference. So happy for both of you.

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