"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Thursday, July 1, 2010

File That Under “What Was I Thinking?”

So I read a TON to my kids, and we came across a book titled "A Visit With Great-Grandma." The book tells the story of a little girl who visits her Czechoslovokian Great Grandmother and makes kolache. The book has the recipe in the front so you can make this wonderful dessert you can't pronounce (I googled the pronunciation, and it came up with just about every guess I had made as a possible way to pronounce it.) Anyway, I LOVE a book that has extra activities connected to the story - homeschool 101 there. So I told my 6 year old we could make some. We started this process at 2:#0 pm while all the daycare kids were napping. So far, so good.

Well, we were supposed to roll out the dough, spread strawberry jam on it and bake it at 5 … good plan … if you actually do it. But I kinda sorta forgot about the dough and let my kids go visit their grandparents instead. Since this was really all about the 6 year old, I waited and worked on the million other things that seem to keep creeping their way onto my list. My husband got home exhausted, covered in concrete powder and ready to collapse – BIG mishap at work today. He was literally coated in the powder from working 3 hours with all the other guys to try to fix it. Anyway, I got side tracked again trying to help him. Meanwhile my 6 and 1 year olds proceeded to coat themselves in sand in the sandbox. How exactly does a baby wearing a onesie type shirt and blue jeans fill his belly button and entire diaper with sand? It would have been comical had I had the energy to laugh. Well, into the tub they both went … which was great fun for both of them, and a big, watery clean up job for me.

So, back to the kolache ... finally ... after 10:30 pm. (He thought that was great.) And then I had to let it raise and bake it 40 minutes. I would have wrapped it in Saran Wrap and refrigerated it until morning had I been thinking straight, and if there had been room in the fridge. So, here I sit at a uarter to midnight waiting for Kolache to bake. I hope it's good. I've never had it, but I liked the way the dough felt. It called for 6 cups of flour - SIX. This is a kids' book. Don't they know kids don't eat that much! LOL. We have four huge logs of this stuff (which have all grown together because I didn't want to have to stay up long enough to bake two batches.) The recipe said to use strawberry jelly in the rolls, but I'm not a huge fan of cooked strawberries, so only two of them are strawberry. The other two have butter and cinnamon sugar (which I doubt is authentic) and one of those has raisins. Hey, we had four of these buggers. I figured it wouldn't hurt to experiment. Who's gonna eat all this, I would like to know? Anyway, the biggest problem I have is that I am completely exhausted and ready to collapse. So the "what was I thinking" is more referring to putting off until 10:30 what should have been done at 5. As my Dad would say, "Write that down as one more thing that didn't work." HA. And he thinks I never listen!

Well, it's done now. Ugh. I think I burned it. ~collapse~

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