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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pampered Frustration

You know those beautiful shaped spritzer cookies that are made with a cookie press? This is what they are NOT supposed to look like. Obviously I did something wrong. Anybody know what? I'd love to know.

The instructions said to leave 1/2 inch between each cookie, which I did. But as you can see, they spread. I'm guessing too little flour? I followed the directions exactly, but you can barely make out the designs. My first thought was to refrigerate the dough, but when I found the directions, it said specifically not to.

I bought this cookie press at a yard sale for a buck. I thought it was a wonderful deal - I've always wanted one of these, but never planned to buy it because, seriously, who really needs one of these?

It came with all the dies and everything was in order. So I figured I would try it out today.

I mixed the dough just like the recipe told me to.

I figured it was stiff enough since it was a heavy enough dough to decapitate my favorite spatula when I scraped the sides.

I didn't see the instructions at first and this is what my lame guesswork got me. Turns out you have to hold the press firmly on the cookie sheet. Lesson learned. I scraped it off and tried again.

This was my first cookie after reading the directions - pretty, but still looks a little sponge-like on top. Not the pretty, smooth finish I was hoping for. As I kept going, it got worse and worse until the tops all just looked like kitchen sponges.

I tried a different die, and again the first cookie looked decent ... not good, but better than all the others.

As you can see, this batch is sad. I called the Pampered Chef line and they suggested more flour. I guess I'll try again ... some other time. They also sent me to the number for their test kitchen, where I had to leave a message. They say they will respond within 48 hours. We'll see. I hope they can help me out. I do still think this was a good deal, and am sure eventually I'll be making beautiful spritzer cookies. Look out Christmas.

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