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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Giving Credit Where It's Due...

Well, I'm impressed. Last night I received an email reply to my phone call to Pampered Chef's test kitchen. Here is the advise they gave me concerning the cookie press, in case any of you ever have a similar problem...

Tips for using the new Cookie Press (#1526):

-Use a spritz-type cookie recipe only. This consistency works best to press out.

-We recommend using butter only and do not refrigerate dough.

-It may take a few attempts at pressing cookies until the right amount of knob turn is found.

-If cookies don’t release from disk, place Press back onto surface and turn knob just slightly. This should release the dough.

-If cookies are too large, don’t turn knob as far with next cookie.

-We recommend pressing cookies onto a sheet pan. A well-seasoned stone and/or parchment have a slicker surface and dough may not adhere consistently.

Nice to know customer service does still exist! Now I just have to convince everyone to eat the rest of these lame looking cookies so we can try again :)

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