"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Monday, July 19, 2010


At the beginning of the weekend, the garage was a disaster. We had actually spread into the garage next door when our son lived there, but he has moved and it is time to get our stuff out of the way. That meant we would have to clean out our garage in order to have room for everything. I really do like and prefer orderliness, I just struggle to get there. So, here's what I did Sunday afternoon between morning and evening church...

This is my husband's collection of tools and man-stuff. When I started, the black cabinet was in sideways because there were boxes and boxes of stuff on the floor and it wouldn't fit any other way. Now it fits beautifully and I even had room to add a plastic shelving unit next to it, under the built in shelving that was already there. This shelf was one of the things we had in the other garage.

It's hard to tell in this picture, but we've made room for several things from the other garage - including our wagon, my behemoth stroller which seats 6 kiddos (for the daycare), and my one child stroller. We organized all of our life jackets (up above the mattress) and our lawn chairs (under the kiddy pool on the right). We can only use the pool on weekends and evenings when my daycare is closed. So it stores here. The purple afghan in the background shows where the utility side of the garage ends, and my sewing room begins. That will be the next overhaul.

I also had a chance to cage my tomato plants. When I finally got a chance to get to Kmart, they only had these really huge cages. And yes, I know they are upside-down. We couldn't drive them into the rocks they sit on, so we put them upside down and curled the pokey ends so nobody would get hurt. Besides the problem with the rocks, the larger pot was bigger than the bottom of the tomato cage, so I either would have had to cut the cage down or use it the way I did. Actually my first thought was to cut both of them down but we didn't have wire cutters, so upside-down it is.

It really helped the bigger plant especially. And how about that pink geranium? I can't believe how well it's doing.

Look! A baby mater!! This is one of 45 blossoms on the beefsteak tomato plant (yes, I counted). The grape tomato has about 60 blossoms. Could be a banner year. This is the most luck I've had with growing anything ever when you factor in my flowers and all the produce. The cucumber has almost tripled in size since I showed you a picture of it last week.

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