"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mother/Daughter, Father/Son Night

 Can you see the new teeth?  You might have to click on the picture to make it bigger.  The first one is still only about half out when the second one came through.  He's drooling a lot but not bothered by it at all.

 I love the expression in this one...

 Look at his new trick! - Up on his hands and knees.  He bobs back and forth like this, then goes back to the floor.  He'll be crawling before we know it :)

 All that exercise made him tired :)

 The brothers all get along really well and enjoy playing together.  Yesterday the eight year old came an laid down in the baby's lap, which the baby thought was hysterical.

 Aww... Brotherly love :)

 Don't you just love how flexible babies are?  I mean really.  Can you put your toes in your armpits?

 I'm having to be careful about which jewelry I wear now.  The baby thinks it is a toy put there just for him.  So I have to wear just the sturdy ones.  We were having a great little visit :)

 And then the three year old came in from playing in the yard.  Talk about no need for sunscreen - he was covered in dirt! 

See those hands?  He must have grabbed dirt and rubbed it on his face.  What a mess!
 Last evening my daughter and I had a girls night - watching the second half of Pride and Prejudice, which is a very good movie, if you have about 5 hours to spare :)

 In the mean time, my husband took the boys fishing ... and came home with these three monsters.  Okay, two monsters and their little friend.

 Not a bad catch, eh?  And he was "lazy fishing" as he put it - just using worms.  He wanted to do some reading, and had the boys to keep up with too.  He caught all three of these within 30 minutes.

 The three year old wasn't sure what to think of them.

But it didn't take long for him to decide they were pretty cool.
 These were bigger than the others we've caught so far this year.

 The three year old thought he had to hold one of the fish too. 

 We were trying to get him to stand by Dad to show all the fish together, so someone (his sister, I think) told him to have his fish kiss the other fish.  Something was lost in translation though, and he kissed the fish - both his and the big one Dad was holding.  :)

 I just love this expression.

 The eight year old has been wanting to learn to filet fish, and he got his first lesson last night.  Of course much more practice will be required.  There was a lot of meat left behind, but he was listening and trying his best.  Dad was showing him how to feel where the bones were with the blade of the knife.

We ended up with a lot of fish.  This is a gallon sized bag.  Not bad for one relaxing evening.  I think we'll save this for when our company gets here.  My dad should arrive here tomorrow, and then my sister and her family are hoping to come over the weekend.  My husband's side of the family is having a big family reunion this weekend too, so we'll have plenty of visiting to do.  I'm working on a big family tree display for that, which I'll have to show you later.  Right now I better get back to work on that and on a little more housework.


  1. the baby is looking great - he is growing so much. So many fish - that was a good evenings catch!

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