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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Boulder Big Draw Archery Competition

 This was a fun day.  Our nine year old competed in a local archery competition.  This is a huge competition - sponsored by Shell.  It's a memorial tournament hosted by the Fremont Butte Ranch ... which I have to say is an incredibly beautiful ranch.

 They rotated through 40 different stations, shooting 3-D targets and then hunting for the arrows that missed :)

He did fairly well - a score of 161 (out of 400, which doesn't sound all that great, but is pretty good given this is his first year to use a bow).

He had one perfect shot - on a skunk.  Seems to be the best thing to have a perfect shot on if you ask me lol.  No fooling around there.  :)

They also had a catered barbecue feast.  Brisket, ribs and chicken smoked to perfection, creamed corn - which was more like corn in a sour cream or cream cheese sauce, baked beans and coleslaw.

They had cookies and caramel brownies, and they were making snow cones for the kids :)  All this for a free-will donation.  The entry fee for the archery shoot was $10, and he got a t-shirt.

Of course our youngest was allergic to everything on the plate above.  I checked the syrup bottles for the snow cones but corn syrup is the first ingredient on all of them, so that was out too.  Then it occurred to me to get him just the ice and pour a little of our powerade on it so he could have some "dessert" too :)  It was a great hit!

The 3-D targets were scattered all along the ranch, so you had to hike around to each station to work your way through the course.  That was nice.  It made it so you could shoot at your own pace and not have to wait for a bunch of people to shoot ahead of you.

This is the main ranch house.  There are other cabins around the property for guests.

And this fenced one appears to be for the dogs.  They had at least 5-6 cute little dogs in this enclosure. The little boys especially liked those.

 It was fun just to wander around and enjoy being outdoors.

This is the view down from the house.  The lunch was served in and around the brown garage on the left.  They had several other fun things too - like pop-up 3D targets, an inflated air rifle range, and the opportunity to throw spears at targets including a huge wooly mammoth that I somehow failed to get a picture of.

 They have this amazing elk sculpture on top of the butte next to their house.

 Here are some of the kids getting ready to throw their spears.  My nine year old is at the far end, waiting for a turn.  He said it is much more difficult than it looks. :)

See the elk?  These were two of the targets they had to shoot.  They shot these from on the bridge over the river that runs through the ranch.

 I'm exhausted now, but it was a fun day.  And I didn't even stay out there all day.  I left him to do his shooting because it wasn't practical to drag the other two boys along and keep them out of the pond, river, or line of fire of other shooters.  Next year I'm going to plan on staying the whole time.  They had several drawings, and the nine year old won two Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation hats that are just alike.  Since his dad had to work today and hasn't seen them, he wrapped one and will give it to him for Father's Day tomorrow :)

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